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Facebook rebrands Libra wallet Calibra to Novi

Published on 05/26/2020 @ 2 PM EST

As reported by Techcrunch, "When Facebook unveiled Libra, its cryptocurrency project, there were two distinct entities — the Libra Association, a not-for-profit that oversees all things Libra, and Calibra, a Facebook subsidiary that is building a Libra-based wallet with integrations in WhatsApp and Messenger. Today, Facebook announced that Calibra has a new name, Novi. By rebranding Calibra to Novi, Facebook is trying to make it super clear that the Libra project isn’t a Facebook project per se."

Facebook to acquire Giphy for $400 million

Published on 05/16/2020 @ 4 PM EST
According to a report by Axios, Facebook will acquire Giphy, the web-based animated gif search engine, and platform provider, for a deal worth $400 million. Facebook says it will invest in additional tech development for Giphy, as well as build out new relationships for it on both the content side and the endpoint developer side. 

Facebook’s desktop site with dark mode is now available everywhere

Published on 05/08/2020 @ 4 PM EST
In a blog post published today, Facebook says the new site will “now be the web experience for Facebook globally,” adding that “it’s faster, easier to use and gives your eyes a break with dark mode.”

The Facebook redesign is rolling out

Published on 04/30/2020 @ 10 AM EST

As stated by Mark Zuckerberg during the F8 developer conference keynote last year, "The future is private. This is the next chapter for our services." The Facebook redesign has finally started to roll out. The New Facebook, or FB5, focuses entirely on privacy-focused communications. 

Twitter reported a record increase in daily users

Published on 04/30/2020 @ 10 AM EST
As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Twitter has reported a record increase in its daily users by about 24%, up to 166 million. That’s a big jump from the 152 million monetizable daily users the site had last quarter. 

Reddit will launch built-in subreddit chat rooms

Published on 04/30/2020 @ 10 AM EST

The new Start Chatting feature from Reddit will allow Redditors to visit a community and click on the Start Chatting prompt, which will then match them with other members of that community in a small group chat. As stated on the official blog, "In our testing, we’ve already seen some interesting use cases for Start Chatting, such as meeting new people within conversation-oriented communities, discussing cliffhangers from the latest episode in our TV show communities, or finding others to game with online. We’re excited to see other use cases emerge as more and more Redditors get access to this feature."