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This 27-year-old made nearly $10m on Fortnite

Published on 01/03/2019 @ 3 PM EST

Tyler Bevins is a professional video game player who streams his skills via YouTube. In 2018, he hit nearly $10 million for Fortnite and earns a hefty $500k a month.

Windows 10 more popular than Windows 7

Published on 01/03/2019 @ 3 PM EST

With support for the older Windows 7 wrapping up, Windows 10 has finally taken the spotlight. In fact, it currently runs on over 700 million different devices.

Volvo raises the bar with all-new 60 series

Published on 01/03/2019 @ 3 PM EST

The Volvo S60 is a mid-size luxury sedan is rife with the latest safety technology such as Collision Detection and Full Auto Brake and even Pilot Assist II.

New Horizons goes into unchartered territory

Published on 01/02/2019 @ 8 AM EST

The New Horizons probe is getting closer to Ultima Thule, a rock in the Kuiper belt. The probe launched 13 years ago and is currently 4 billion miles from Earth.

Aerogel is making its way into the mainstream

Published on 01/02/2019 @ 8 AM EST

The lightweight and quick-drying material is appearing in more apparel. It previously collapsed when wet but PrimaLoft Aerogel, the latest rendition, is now waterproof (and practical).

Beijing to implement facial ID for public housing

Published on 01/02/2019 @ 8 AM EST

The Chinese city is adding a security layer to public housing: face-detecting smart locks. This security measure should deny access for strangers but it does raise questions about privacy.