We’ve all owned earbuds at one time or another; they are simple to carry and plug into a smartphone or MP3 player on the go and easy to cram into a pocket for later usage. However, we all know how the little pocket elves take our precious earbuds and tangle them up into the most insanely strong knots ever created. Even I, with meticulously coiled cords and no other objects in the same pocket, am prone to those ridiculous knots. I’ve seen solutions but they all seemed too big or too much work so I never bothered with any of them. Apparently, the people over at Good Widget Company has been reading my thoughts because they have a live Kickstarter campaign for a perfect solution. It’s called the Budsband and it is the end of all cord knot nightmares!


In an elegantly simple solution, the Budsband is one simple little gadget that contains all you need to keep the kinks out of your earbuds. It’s just a piece of plastic with a groove and two holes but these ingenious features are the secret to the Budsband. You slide the end of the earbuds’ cord through the hole nearest the grooves so it will remain in easy reach for future windings. Once through the hole, all you need to do is wrap the cord around your fingers and through the groove and then insert the end of the cord through the other hole. It wraps the cord nicely and keeps it secure.


You may be wondering how it stays together if you’re meant to bend and wrap such a small piece of plastic and you’d be right to do so. However, it’s not the typical stiff plastic, it’s not even plastic at all. It’s a silicone material that stretches and bends with the greatest of ease and still retains it’s original form. This flexibility is what helps the Budsband not only work for earbuds, which are smaller cords, but also the slightly larger Apple Lightning connectors for your mobile Apple products, such as the newer iPhones and iPads.

So how much does something so useful cost? Well, if you support Budsband right now on Kickstarter, you’ll get 2 for only $10! At $5 apiece, you won’t find anything as good for anywhere near the same price. If you have the same problem with earbuds that I do, you can’t find a better solution anywhere!