Our smartphones are gradually being trusted with more and more of our sensitive information, making security a hot topic. When you can unlock your front door, make payments and access your entire digital presence from one device, it becomes important to keep it locked. But let’s face it — entering a pin code every time you pick up your phone is tedious. Fresh from Kickstarter, a new credit card-shaped device named SALT wants to be the fix.

Much like products such as Duet and GoKey, the SALT card is a Bluetooth tag that maintains constant contact with your phone. However, the SALT’s main purpose is to replace the pin code. Simply its presence in your pocket (or anywhere else within a 10-foot radius) is enough to keep your phone unlocked, and the credit card design has been made with wallet living in mind. That physical form also allows it to work in reverse as a wallet finder, and the battery life of the card is approximately one year.

Carrying the SALT Card Makes Your Phone's Pin Code Obsolete

This is all made possible by the SALT app (free on iOS and Android), which brings with it a comprehensive range of security settings, such as the ability to restrict the usage of certain apps when the card is out of range. Equally, you can put individual apps behind the standard pin code locking system, whether the card is nearby or not. The level of encryption provided by the card is reassuring, too — it has over 281 trillion possible combinations. It is a convincing case for any prospective purchasers who are wondering whether to trust the SALT system.

Carrying the SALT Card Makes Your Phone's Pin Code Obsolete

For feedback on real-world use, however, we’re all going to have to wait a while; assuming the crowdfunding campaign is successful, the planned delivery date on pre-orders (starting at $10, for “earlybird” backers) is around next January. For the time being, though, at least the concept seems a good one.

For more info (or to back the project yourself), check out SALT’s Kickstarter page.