10 Best workspace gadgets to totally upgrade your desk

Looking to become more productive at work? It’s all about your environment. Because you spend nearly a quarter of the week at your desk, you deserve to make it the most inspiring place. Here are the best workspace gadgets for optimal productivity and efficiency.

10 Best workspace gadgets to totally upgrade your desk
  • How many hours a week do most Americans work? While full-time is considered anything above 30 hours, most Americans actually average 44 hours a week.
  • What are some ways to improve the work day? Make sure you take scheduled and productive breaks (as in, truly give your mind a rest). You might find a standing desk to be useful, too.
  • Where can I find more workspace gadgets? Head over to our dedicated category for even more.

Being productive at work is all about balancing efficiency and quality. You’ve heard it before and we’ll say it again: to be productive, you need a workspace that caters to you.

You spend a lot of hours at your desk. And often times, your 40-hours-a-week role can easily turn into early mornings and late nights just to finish projects. Add in your commute time and it becomes no wonder you’re exhausted come Friday.

You could go for a remote working position (we highly recommend it!), or you could fill your desk with the best workspace gadgets money can buy.

Kingston Nucleum USB Type-C Hub

If you’re a proud owner of any new laptop, you’ll notice quite a few ports are missing. The Nucleum USB Type-C Hub is here to remedy that. Plugging into the USB-C port, it gives you seven different ports, including one for pass-through charging. I can actually personally attest to the Nucleum – I use it every day!

Mouzen™ Beautiful Ergonomic Armrest

We’re constantly hearing about standing desk and ergonomic chairs, but one overlooked area is support for your arm. Mouzen™ is a beautifully minimalist armrest that takes full consideration of ergonomics and comfort to keep you supported as you work. It also installs instantly and easily, meaning you can take it wherever you need it.

Silk Cable Wrangler Magnetic Cord Organizer

If there’s one thing that hits all 9-to-5ers where it hurts, it’s seeing your faithful charging cables fall to their demise behind your desk. The Silk Cable Wrangler uses the power of magnets to keep your cables exactly where you need them. It’s super compact and has space for plenty of cables, giving you peace of mind and an end to your frustration.

Poly Voyager Legend Mobile Bluetooth Headset

Do you still use the headset your employer gave you for all your calls? Or worse, do you still hand-hold the corded phone? The Voyager Legend is the answer to your dreams. It connects via Bluetooth and offers full access to Google Now, Siri, and Cortana at the push of a button. It’s complete with a P2i nano-coating that can hold up to moisture and sweat.

Traveler Distraction-Free Writing Tool

Unless you go for a typewriter, the device you work on is loaded with distractions. If you’re looking to focus more, check out the Traveler Distraction-Free Writing Tool. It cuts things back to the bare bones while giving you the feel and experience of technology so you can nail all your deadlines.

Speks Magnetic Desk Toys

While we don’t recommend Angry Birds while you’re working, we certainly do recommend the Speks Magnetic Desk Toys. They’re fun and engaging and let you tap into your creative side. But, they’re also totally screen-free and the perfect product for productive fidgeting (yes, that’s a thing). With Speks, you can make what you want, remake anything else you want, display your creations, and inspire yourself throughout the day.

EVA Posture-Improving Cushion

Looking to improve your posture while you work? EVA is here to save the day (and your butt). This slim cushion provides total comfort while aligning your spine. It offers all-over support for your body to create a natural S-shape and improve your circulation.

STEALTHO Transforming Desk Organizer with Wireless Charger

If you’re in need of organization and simplicity, the STEALTHO Transforming Desk Organizer is for you. As the name suggests, it can transform into what you need. There’s a place to wirelessly charge your smartphone, it lets you organize your writing utensils, and even functions as a USB-C hub for all your devices.

CZUR Aura Smart Scanner

The Aura Smart Scanner bridges one major gap modern offices have: proper scanning methods. While the big bulky scanner in the back is slow, cumbersome, and often needing maintenance, you can’t rely on your smartphone for high-quality scans. Aura fills in perfectly, offering 300 scanned pages in just 20 minutes.

Urban Nomads Workstation Laptop Bag

If you really want to get away from the four walls of your cubicle, you can simply take your workspace with you thanks to the Urban Nomads Workstation Laptop Bag. This messenger bag opens completely to reveal a workstation that’s perfect for your laptop, tablet, or even a pen and paper. And, the bag has a unique folding design so it turns into an ergonomic angled workstation no matter how you use it.

Do you have any workspace gadgets we should know about? Let us know in the comments!

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