11 Self-care devices to mend your body and your mind

When we think of self-care, we often think about treating ourselves. However, self-care shouldn’t be limited to spontaneous outings. In fact, with these self-care devices, you can mend your body and your mind anywhere you’d like.

11 Self-care devices to mend your body and your mind
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When was the last time you took some time totally for yourself? Scrolling through social media on the couch doesn’t count. From work to our social lives to endless feeds from social networks, it’s rare that we allow ourselves to unwind.

But, these self-care devices are here to help. From your shoulders carrying your stress to your eyes straining to see your screens, it’s about time you sat back and took care of yourself.

FitTo Vibrating Weight Loss Device

Sleek and modern, this wearable keeps you mindful about the nutrients you put into your body. It supplements your knowledge about being fit and expands on what you already know, such as exercising and eating better. FitTo fills in the gaps by helping you resist the temptation of food through the use of gentle vibrations. Pairing with an app, you simply input the times that you want to eat and let it do its work.

Theragun G2PRO Professional Handheld Massager

This cordless device offers deep tissue myofascial release by using 40 percussions per second or 2,400 revolutions per minute. The G2PRO also applies 80 pounds of pressure with a 16mm amplitude to help activate and heal muscles. In addition, The G2PRO reduces lactic acid and increase lymphatic flow. The massager provides customizable treatment for joints, muscles and trigger points as well.

Breo Portable Mini Massager

Featuring a handheld design, this device makes it easy to massage your head, scalp, and body. Additionally, the Portable Mini Massager provides deep tissue kneading action to alleviate areas of tension. Thanks to its wireless and waterproof design, you can use the massager at any time in any location. In fact, its IPX7 waterproof rating means you can even use it in the shower.

Aurai Water-Propelled Eye Massager

With more and more of our time spent looking at a screen, we’re developing eye strain, wrinkles, dark circles, dry eyes, and sleep interruptions more than ever. The Aurai uses water as a cool compress to help regulate the blood circulation around your eyes and reduce any swelling. The eye mask also uses a warm compress to help stimulate oil glands to avoid clotting.

Shiatsu Heated Foot Massager

By using the Shiatsu Heated Foot Massager, you’ll be able to stimulate reflexology zones of your feet. The compression massage will squeeze away tension and make your feet feel totally renewed. There’s also an additional heat feature to relax feet further and make them even more receptive to massage.

WaterHawk Smart Rain Shower Head

Complete with an LED display, this incredible system allows you to view and select the exact temperature of the water for that luxury feel. Additionally, the WaterHawk Shower Head alternates color to indicate the temperature. Designed to keep you informed and in control, the WaterHawk Shower Head offers a rain-like flow of water, letting you truly relax.

Melomind Relaxation Headset

Using electroencephalographic technology, this headset is able to train your brain to relax so you can better cope with stress and reduce the chances of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more. Melomind works by providing you with an audio soundscape which responds to your brainwaves. As you relax, the music will modulate in sync with your brain waves in real time.

Total Hand Massager

After a long day at work when you’d wish for a relaxing massage, try using this Total Hand Massager. It massages your hand by using air compression. The chamber is lined by a soft cloth to add a touch of luxury to your massage. And, it’s easy to operate and flaunts a design you’d love to show off.

Kitoki Calming Fresh Air Device

Designed to encourage relaxation, KitokiKlikkit Smart Reminder Button
Of course, you may find yourself forgetting to take care of yourself. For that, there’s the Klikkit Smart Reminder Button. All you have to do is add a Klikkit button to the activity and set up your plan via the app. Then, just tap the button when you complete the action. It adds accountability to keep yourself on track.

Luminette 2 Bright Light Therapy Glasses

This wearable device helps you effectively overcome sleep disorders and winter blues, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Just use the Luminette 2 for 20 to 45 minutes every day to notice its effects. You’ll experience a boost in energy almost immediately after your session. Similarly, it can take up to a week to notice improvements to your sleep or mood.

Which one of these would you use every day? Share with us in the comments below.

Madhurima Nag is the Head of Content at Gadget Flow. She side-hustles as a parenting and STEM influencer and loves to voice her opinion on product marketing, innovation and gadgets (of course!) in general.
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