14 Gadgets to keep you focused while you work

Staying on task while at work has become increasingly more challenging thanks to the internet. No matter how hard we try, sticking to the master plan always seems to go awry, especially on a Friday. Rest assured, these gadgets will certainly keep you focused.

14 Gadgets to keep you focused while you work
  • Tired of waiting? iPhone users are able to view wait times at restaurants when searching with Google Maps so you can save time and skip the lines.
  • Your workspace has everything to do with your productivity. Even the smallest changes can work in your favor.
  • Training your brain is the secret to focus, experts say. You can exercise your mind on your own or employ some gadgets to help you stay focused.

Productivity is the number one goal for just about everyone. We make to-do lists, create alerts, and constantly check our emails to keep us on track. In fact, staying on track is more of a mental game than anything else. For this reason, we’re often easily distracted. From cute puppy videos to simply watching the weather outside, it’s always mind over matter. But, rest assured we’ve got loads of gadgets to keep you focused while you work. This list helps you stay alert and productive but also solves many workplace annoyances to keep you on track. You may even start to use some of them when you’re off the clock.

But, if you’re not totally ready to commit to being focused, here are the top 100 viral videos from last year:

Working smarter

Your to-do list will only get shorter if you tackle all of your tasks. Even so, it feels like there are never enough hours in the day. Here are some gadgets to help you work more efficiently.

  • Samsung DeX Pad Docking Station: Going from device to screen and back again is now easier than ever. The super-smart Samsung DeX Pad lets you use your smartphone in conjunction with your desktop computer.
  • Moleskin Pen+ Ellipse Smart Pen: With Ncoded paper technology, everything you write is instantly digitized in the app. This intelligent pen is intuitive to use and makes every task more efficient than ever. The app even categorizes your notes for a new dimension of organization.
  • 14 Gadgets to keep you focused

    Rid yourself of distraction

  • Quiet Time Privacy Lounge Chair: In addition to digital distractions, other humans can be the biggest culprits. With this modern desk, you can physically block out distractions around you (including that one co-worker who can talk your ear off).
  • DeskView Lightweight Standing Desk: If you really need to cut the distractions, you could set up this desk with the best view: the outside world. With your back to the entire office, you can truly focus on what you need to get done.

Keeping tabs on time

Clocks are vital during our workdays. If not for them, we wouldn’t know when to break, eat, or even head home for the day. Likewise, they also give us something to look forward to: the end of the day.

  • ThePresent Annual Clock: Sometimes, we need to see the big picture in order to prioritize the way we work. This clock gives you the entire year in front of you for added motivation during your day.
  • 14 Gadgets to keep you focused

    Art and time (and space)

  • Fibonacci Clock: The way you see time can have a profound impact on how you work. Take this clever clock for example. Equal parts nerdy and inventive, this clock requires you to solve the time each time you look at it.

Planning ahead

What are goals if they’re not clearly outlined? In addition to your daily, monthly, and yearly schedule, specifying and recording your goals is imperative for success and keeping your eye on the prize.

  • 90X Goal Planner Notebook: While motivation comes from within, tapping into your true goals can be tricky. This planner gives you all the tools to identify and manage your goals as well as innovate in the process.
  • 14 Gadgets to keep you focused

    Conquering your goals

  • Slice Planner Connected Digital Notebook: This hybrid notebook connects all of your notes, doodles, and calendars in one place. The app provides a circular timeline diagram so you can stay focused on the task in front of you.

Workspace gadgets

Perhaps gimmicky, these gadgets can truly help you retain your focus when you use them correctly. And, as a bonus, they add a bit of fun to your day.

  • TimeFlip Time-Tracking Device: Possibly the hardest task of all is keeping track of your time. This nifty device lets you physically record your activities. It even includes an option for social media so you can see how much of your time it eats up.
  • Arckit Modelling Building Blocks: For those who have a hands-on approach, these blocks let you build your ideas and bring them to life. You can build and rebuild as much as you need to take your projects to the next level.
  • 14 Gadgets to keep you focused

    Stick ’em anywhere

  • 3M Post-it Extreme Notes: Great ideas don’t happen only when you’re at your computer. And, they often occur in places where it’s tough to record. With these highly durable sticky notes, you can write down and record your ideas without worrying about if they’ll last.

Indulge in distraction

Of course, a time will come when your eyes and your brain both need to take a break. Rather than heading to the kitchen or opening a tab for social media, take a moment to revive your focus.

  • Infinity Levitating Spinning Top: Spinning endlessly, this top is impressively mesmerizing. Rotating in mid-air, it provides a moment of meditative respite to help you collect your thoughts.
  • 14 Gadgets to keep you focused

    Introduce a mindful break to your day

  • ZenEgg Balancing Wooden Totem: Beautiful and affordable, this wooden egg inspires tranquillity and relaxation. Holding it in your hand or even watching it reclaim its balance will also bring inner balance to you.
  • Levitating Indoor Plant Pot: You can get two birds with one stone with this levitating plant pot. In addition to rotating beautifully, it also provides you with an indoor plant to add some life to your space.

Or, instead of the use of gadgets and devices, you could really work on your focus from within. In fact, challenging your mind and training your brain is one of the best things you can do for focus. What are your tips and tricks?

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