Affordable home security gadgets to make you feel safer

It's hard not to feel a little bit on edge right now with people fighting over things as minor as toilet paper. But in times like these, it's expected and okay to feel a sense of insecurity. We're all looking for ways to feel a bit safer and minimize our anxiety. Luckily, there are some affordable home security gadgets that can help with this.

Affordable home security gadgets to make you feel safer
Hoop Cam+ Smart AI Indoor Camera in Red

There’s a lot on your plate right now. You have about a million things constantly running through your head, and the news isn’t helping. We’re all in the same boat. We’re thinking about things we never thought about before. It’s a bit scary out there right now, and everyone is feeling some level of pandemic anxiety and apprehension. That’s okay. But the one place where you want to feel the safest is at home. And there are affordable home security gadgets that can do that for you.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about amping up your home security, and now you want to amp up what you’re looking at as pandemic security other than a face mask. Nothing on our list is over $200, so you can keep within your budget and achieve that feeling of safety and security you seek. Because don’t we all need to feel a sense of control right now when everything else feels like it’s spinning out?

So go ahead, take a look. And maybe your stress-relief purchase can help your peace of mind in more ways than one.

Clevermade LockBox Package Locker

No matter where you live, you’re at risk of having your packages stolen. Prevent that from happening with the Clevermade LockBox Package Locker. The delivery person puts your package inside the LockBox so it’s safe until you have a chance to retrieve it. In fact, it doesn’t matter which service you use, as this locked mailbox is suitable for UPS, USPS, FedEx, and Amazon shipments. Its reinforced steel body provides a durable exterior, while the lid opens with hydraulics. So you can easily pop it open and close it even when your hands are full.

Kangaroo Motion + Entry Sensor Home Security Device

All you need is a smartphone and Wi-Fi to get the Kangaroo Motion + Entry Sensor Home Security Device up and running. Simply set it up by a point of entry to your home, and you’ll be notified whenever someone comes in. Or, if you’re just curious how often your kids visit the pantry, you can set up this Kangaroo sensor there. You’ll be instantly notified through the Kangaroo app, so, wherever you are, your smartphone will tell you what’s going on at home. In addition to an entry sensor, this device is also a motion sensor. This means it’ll let you know of any suspicious activity going on at home. 

EZVIZ DB1 Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell

See everything on your front porch with the EZVIZ DB1 Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell. While some front door cameras show you a person’s face, this smart home doorbell ensures you can see whoever’s there from head to toe. In fact, this wireless doorbell offers a 180-degree vertical field of view. That means you can see even the smallest of packages on the ground. With two-way audio, it’ll let you spook would-be package thieves. Finally, with motion detection, this intelligent doorbell notifies you if it senses anything odd.

iSmartAlarm Contact Sensor Door & Window Alarm

Know what’s happening at every entrance to your home with the iSmartAlarm Contact Sensor Door & Window Alarm. This compact gadget attaches to both sides of your door or window, notifying you instantly if it opens. A completely wireless device, this sensor uses batteries to stay powered up. Plus, it’s easy to install these sensors with the included double-sided tape. What’s more, this window sensor requires the CubeOne central hub to communicate with. It’ll alert the hub if any of these sensors detect a breach in your settings, setting off the CubeOne 110-decibel alarm.

Minut Smart Home Alarm

Thanks to the Minut Smart Home Alarm, you can stop buying a bunch of different smart home gadgets. Because one will do. This all-in-one gadget is actually a motion detector, temperature and humidity monitor, mold analyzer, and alarm recognizer. It does all this and more without the use of any intrusive cameras. And through the Minut app, you can monitor the temperature and humidity of your home. It’s your one-stop app to know if any of your home alarms—like CO, smoke, or radon—are going off.

Hoop Cam+ Smart AI Indoor Camera

Make sure no one goes unnoticed in your home with the Hoop Cam+ Smart AI Indoor Camera. This intelligent little camera recognizes faces, so it knows if there’s someone it hasn’t seen before wandering around. When you use the connected app, it’s easy to upload photos of your family members and frequent guests. That way, this security camera knows who’s around often. With three different notification modes—Home, Away, and High Alert—the Hoop Cam Plus makes you in charge of how often you’re notified.

Blue Outdoor Rechargeable Security Camera

The Blue Outdoor Rechargeable Security Camera might be discreet, but it provides a great view of what’s happening outside. With a 130-degree field of view, this outdoor cam ensures you see all the angles. Plus, it offers HD-quality video and night vision so you can see crisply and clearly at any time. Additionally, this rechargeable security cam uses facial recognition technology, so it doesn’t alert you when friends and family arrive. With this tech, the Blue outdoor cam knows when someone it doesn’t recognize is around. From the Blue by ADT brand, this water-resistant security cam has the toughness required for outdoor life, and it even offers two-way talk. 

Ring Indoor Cam Compact Plug-In Camera

Once you connect your smartphone or tablet to the app, you can check up on the Ring Indoor Cam Compact Plug-In Camera. And the fact that this indoor camera is so small means you can keep it out of plain sight. Additionally, you plug this indoor home security cam into a nearby wall outlet. Because it doesn’t rely on a battery, it won’t accidentally shut off. Furthermore, this compact home security device lets you set specific motion-detecting zones. It sends notifications to your connected device through the Ring app if it notices movement in those areas.

Samsung SmartThings Cam Full HD Monitoring Camera

It’s important your home security camera notifies you of sketchy activity, but you don’t want false notifications. That’s where the Samsung SmartThings Cam Full HD Monitoring Camera comes in. This smart home camera can tell between a person and an object, so it alerts you only when necessary. This Full HD camera gives you a detailed picture, so you always know what you’re looking at. This isn’t just during the day, either. Even at night, you’ll see a crisp 1080 HD video.

Remo+ DoorCam Over-The-Door Smart Security Camera

Easily watch over any door with the Remo+ DoorCam Over-The-Door Smart Security Camera. Featuring a wireless design, this Wi-Fi enabled device is easy to install over any door to help secure your space. Compatible with both indoor and outdoor doors, DoorCam offers real-time surveillance and recorded HD video. Additionally, the over-the-door smart security camera’s PIR sensor is capable of distinguishing between humans, animals, falling leaves, rain, and more. DoorCam sends a push notification to your smart device whenever someone or something approaches your door. 

Alfred Smart Touchscreen Home Deadbolt

The Alfred Smart Touchscreen Home Deadbolt can help you keep everything safe. This smart home deadbolt stores up to 20 PINs, so you know exactly who comes and goes—and when. In lieu of a personal butler, this touchscreen deadbolt will bring a sleek look to your front door. Because this smart lock uses a touchscreen, it’s free of any buttons or moving parts. This gives your door a streamlined, modern look. Plus, this Bluetooth-enabled smart deadbolt lets you in when you just touch it if your connected Bluetooth device is near the lock.

Kangaroo Motion and Entry Sensor

Feel safe in your home with the Kangaroo Motion and Entry Sensor. Featuring a simple yet effective design, this home security system makes it easy to know what’s going on in your house. When the Motion Sensor detects any disturbances at home, it immediately contacts emergency services or sends an alert to your mobile device. Additionally, the wireless sensor is quick and easy to set up with its peel-and-stick design. Free of microphones and cameras, the Motion Sensor comes with exactly what you need to feel safe.

First and foremost, it’s important to be kind to yourself. If you feel like you need to get more home security so you can sleep a bit easier, that’s okay. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We’re all in unsure territory right now and just trying to feel a bit better. What are you doing to improve your sense of safety? Share with us in the comments.

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