This all-season wetsuit keeps you warm in cold temperatures

Tired of having to buy a new wetsuit for every season? Now you don't have to with the Skinfox Leader Add-On 4-in-1 wetsuit. This wetsuit offers four designs in one so that you stay comfortable, no matter the season. Check out this blog to learn more about this innovative product.

This all-season wetsuit keeps you warm in cold temperatures
Skinfox Leader Add-On 4-in-1 wetsuit on a man

If you’re into watersports, you know that you may need different wetsuits depending on the weather and temperature of the water. But buying a selection of wetsuits can be expensive. It also isn’t very practical. For example, if you start snorkeling in the morning when the temperature is still cool, you need a full wetsuit. But by midday, the temperatures are much warmer, and you may need to change your getup to stay comfortable. For convenience’s sake, it’s better to have one wetsuit that can do the job of four. And that’s why today, we’d like to introduce you to the Skinfox Leader Add-On 4-in-1 wetsuit. This all-season wetsuit is modular and keeps you warm in any season.

The Skinfox Leader Add-On 4-in-1 wetsuit is unique yet functional. It features Fullflex neoprene, a 2.5-millimeter-thick material that’s highly elastic. It stretches in every direction but remains comfortable. According to the company’s Indigogo page, it feels like a second skin and comfortably fits any size. What’s more, this wetsuit adjusts into four different types of wetsuits: Shorty, Longsleeve, Longjohn, and Fullsuit.

Stay warm in every season with this watersport gear

Skinfox says that after over a year in development, they’ve created another product that combines innovation, functionality, and quality. Their all-season wetsuit gives you four wetsuits in one to keep you warm no matter the temperature.

Enjoy a flexible wetsuit made of SCR Fullflex neoprene

I mentioned above that the Skinfox Leader Add-On 4-in-1 wetsuit boasts SCR Fullflex neoprene, but let’s talk about this important feature some more. This material is so elastic that it stretches in four directions. Yet, it remains soft against your skin while providing a snug fit. It also has insulating properties due to a process that “bakes” nitrogen into it. It’s a standard wetsuit material that keeps divers and other watersports enthusiasts comfortable and warm.

Get two additional sleeves and legs

Unlike most wetsuits, this all-season wetsuit comes with two additional sleeves and legs made of 2.5 mm CR Ultraflex material. This means that the problems that usually come with buying a wetsuit, like the legs and arms being too long or too short, are solved since you can lengthen or shorten both. The leg and sleeve edges also have one-centimeter wide adhesive tape strips. These, along with the CR Ultraflex material, give you a good, secure fit no matter how you’re moving.

Experience four wetsuits in one with this innovative wetsuit

The Skinfox Leader Add-On 4-in-1 wetsuit comprises the basic suit, which is the Shorty (short sleeves and short legs). Included in your order are also the additional sleeves and legs. You can combine the legs and sleeves with the basic suit to create the perfect wetsuit for your needs: the Shorty, the Longsleeve (the basic suit plus the sleeves), the Longjohn (the basic suit plus the legs), and the Full Suit (the basic suit plus the sleeves and the legs). So no matter how cold or how warm the weather is, you’ll always have the ideal wetsuit.

Wear this modular wetsuit for any type of watersports

With its flexible material and adaptability, this all-season wetsuit is great for all types of watersports. Whether you kayak, surf, or wakeboard this wetsuit is an excellent way to stay warm outdoors while you indulge in what you love. And since this wetsuit is quick-drying, it’s easy to switch from your watersport to another activity.

Check out the sizes for both men and women

Another great thing about this wetsuit is that the company produces sizes for both men and women. From the photos on the company’s Indiegogo page, it looks like the women’s sizes have a blue or pink design element while the men’s sizes have a dark blue or green one. But color choice aside, we’re sure you’ll appreciate this innovative product design.

The Skinfox Leader Add-On 4-in-1 wetsuit is a great addition to any watersport enthusiast’s gear collection. This all-season wetsuit gives you four styles of wetsuits. This cuts down on the cost of your hobby. It also minimizes the time you spend changing from a warmer to a cooler wetsuit if the temperature adjusts. At Gadget Flow, we love multi-use products, and we’re sure you’ll get a ton of use out of this one.

The Skinfox Leader Add-On 4-in-1 wetsuit costs $191.54, and you can preorder it from Indiegogo.

What are your favorite watersports and what kind of gear do you use for them? Let us know in the comments.

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