Amazon’s fall event 2020—the new Amazon Echo, security drone cam, and more

It's been a packed event—just like every year—but the level of variety Amazon has shown this year is beyond comparison. The event started with the spherical new Echo devices followed by drone security cameras. What's more, Amazon also came up with a cloud gaming service and controller called Luna. The Amazon fall event just guaranteed that your holiday gadget shopping will apply to everyone on your list.

Amazon’s fall event 2020—the new Amazon Echo, security drone cam, and more
The New Spherical Echo on a Table

Amazon’s fall event is here and, like always, it poured out Alexa devices. This year’s was an invite-only event, so we didn’t watch it live. And that’s exactly why we think this roundup will be useful for you.

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Amazon started with the Echo devices, which are surprisingly spherical, and followed them with the new eero 6 routers, Ring smart car alarms, and so much more. It also went ahead and launched its first cloud gaming service, Luna, along with a gaming controller. Also, the new Alexa is way faster and comes with useful features such as Guard Plus and Alexa Care Hub.

Fact: Amazon signed the climate pledge to be net-zero on carbon by 2040. The company will use 100% renewable energy by 2025. All the products announced today will be climate-pledge friendly. 

Amazon Releases

Echo 4th Generation

What was your previous Alexa speaker missing? A round shape and some extra tech. But that’s about to change with the New Amazon Echo 4th-generation smart speaker. Available in three fabric-covered colors, this spherical speaker also offers better audio delivery so you enjoy improved sound. Additionally, this 4th-gen Echo has on-device speech recognition. So it processes what you say locally to respond to your needs faster than before. Thanks to the AZ1 Neural Edge silicon module, it uses a local machine learning speech recognition algorithm before sending your commands to the cloud. 

Echo Dot 4th Generation

The most prominent differences between the latest Amazon Echo Dot 4th-generation smart speaker and earlier models are its small shape and large orbs. This smart speaker features an LED display that you tap to snooze or create a fuller sound when needed. There are two models available: one with and one without a clock—and they have a $10 difference. Both devices sport Amazon’s standard fabric covering. Most impressively, its sphere-shaped design provides a presentable display for your bedside table. 

Echo Dot Kids’ Edition 4th Generation

The Amazon Echo Dot Kids’ Edition 4th-generation smart speaker is available in Panda and Tiger designs that give little ones a charismatic smart gadget. The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is specifically designed to help kids learn and grow. In particular, kids can ask Alexa questions and receive help with homework. Your purchase also includes a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+.

New Echo Dot for Kids

New Echo Dot for Kids

eero 6

With the Amazon eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi router, you’ll enjoy speeds like never before. In fact, this internet router supports Wi-Fi 6 in spaces up to 1,500 square feet, and you can easily add extenders if necessary. It provides you with internet speeds of up to 900 Mbps, which you’re really going to enjoy. The great part about a mesh router is that you won’t have to deal with dead spots that take forever to buffer. 

Amazon eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi router

Amazon eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi router in white

eero Pro 6

Use the Amazon eero Pro 6 tri-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 router to connect to more than 75 devices simultaneously in your home. This device supports Wi-Fi 6 and delivers fast speeds to keep you connected to the internet without any interruptions. In particular, it offers three bands: one 2.4 GHz and two 5 GHz. Therefore, the Amazon eero Pro 6 connects at fast speeds. In fact, this useful gadget is compatible with gigabit connections. 

Echo Show 10

The most impressive feature of the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) smart display is that it will detect any suspicious presence when you’re not home by panning the room for human shapes. If it detects someone, it’ll send an alert to your phone. This device sits on a motorized base to swivel automatically whenever you interact with it. In fact, this gadget can sense when you’re in a room and swivel itself around to face you. 

Echo Show 10 3rd-gen smart display

Echo Show 10 3rd-gen smart display on a kitchen table

All-New Fire TV Stick

Sold alongside the Alexa Voice Remote, the Amazon All-New Fire TV Stick delivers HD-quality streaming capabilities. Moreover, it has an expanded HDR color range when compared to its predecessor. Because the remote includes volume and mute controls, everything you need is right at your fingertips. However, you can also use Amazon Alexa voice control for searching and giving commands. Designed to conserve energy, it enters a low-power mode when you aren’t using it.

Fire TV Stick Lite

Want a fast, Full HD streaming experience? Get it with the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite. This new, affordable Fire TV Stick option comes with the Alexa Voice Remote Lite. And, of course, the lite Fire TV Stick works with Alexa. All you have to do is press the button and then speak to search through episodes and launch shows across all your apps. That’s a pretty impressive feature considering how much this new Fire TV Stick Lite gives you access to. 

Luna Game Streaming Service

Amazon just went ahead and launched its own cloud gaming service called Luna. It launches in early access this October, and signups to receive an invite are available now (currently only in the US). Luna will support Fire TV, PC, Mac, and iOS devices at first. Android support is set to arrive just weeks later.

Luna Game Streaming Service

Luna Game Streaming Service

Luna Controller

If you love gaming, the Amazon Luna Controller gaming remote is a must-have gadget. Rather than connecting via Bluetooth, it uses Cloud Direct technology and features a lower latency to pair with multiple devices quickly and efficiently. In fact, it’ll connect directly, so you don’t have to bother with time setting it up. Also, by using a wireless connection to your TV, it ensures you don’t have to worry about cords getting in the way.

Plus! New Alexa Features

There are 140,000 Alexa-compatible products, and you’ll be happy to know that Alexa can now monitor for more sounds like a baby crying, a person snoring, or a dog barking. Additionally, you can now tell Alexa to delete all commands you’ve ever said. Just like that. Plus, there’s a new Alexa Hub built into Fire TV that will show you things you didn’t know you could do.

Guard Plus: This Alexa feature will detect things like footfalls or doors opening and closing and can play a fake dog barking sound when you are away. The feature is an extremely useful way to avoid intruders.

Alexa Guard Plus Feature

Alexa Guard Plus Feature

Alexa Care Hub: This lets you monitor a family member’s home. You get an activity feed of what that person does in their smart home. You can also set up routines if nothing happens or set yourself as an emergency contact. 

Alexa Care Hub

Alexa Care Hub

Ring Releases

Car Alarm

The Ring Car Alarm vehicle safety gadget sends an alert to your phone if it detects someone attempting to break in. It’ll also alert you if another car hits your vehicle. In fact, it’ll monitor any break-ins whether the car is occupied or not. It works via Wi-Fi or LTE, which is available as an add-on plan. For this plan, it’ll check for incidents while your car is parked and offer emergency crash detection. Furthermore, the device features traffic stop recording when on the road

Ring Car Alarm

Ring Car Alarm and App

Car Cam

The Ring Car Cam features Emergency Crash Assist and will contact emergency services if it detects a serious accident. You can also use it as a dashcam when you’re driving or parked on the side of the road. The device features Amazon Alexa voice assistance, which you can use to record the entire interaction between you and emergency services. Simply say, Alexa, I’m being pulled over,” and it’ll immediately begin recording. Furthermore, the Ring Car Cam features Tesla Sentry Mode and lets you know of any bumps and break-ins associated with your vehicle.

Ring Car Camera

Ring Car Camera app

Car Connect

The Ring Car Connect vehicle security system alerts you to events, sending notifications directly to your phone. For example, it’ll detect if someone gets close to your vehicle or an unfortunate event. Impressively, the gadget allows you to watch recorded video footage to see if anyone has attempted to break into your vehicle. Alternatively, it’ll send an alert to your phone if it detects something suspicious. Also, the Ring Car Connect can even detect if your vehicle is locked or unlocked.

Always Home Cam

What’s better than a home security camera that stays put? The Ring Always Home Cam security drone, which patrols your entire property. In its design, this security cam is actually a Ring camera mounted on an autonomous drone. The great part about this security drone is that it can move about and record images around your home. In effect, this autonomous camera replaces multiple outdoor cams that you might mount in different spots on your house. 

Ring Always Home Cam

Ring Always Home Cam in use outside

Plus! New Ring Features

Ring announced that it will offer end-to-end encryption by the end of this year.

Last fall, we first announced our vision for Amazon Sidewalk, a neighborhood network designed to help customer devices work better both at home and beyond the front door. Operated by Amazon at no charge to customers, Amazon Sidewalk uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the 900 MHz spectrum and other frequencies to simplify new device setup, extend the low-bandwidth working range of devices and help devices stay online and up-to-date even if they are outside the range of home wifi.

And that’s a wrap. With so many different kinds of gadgets released at once, this was indeed one of the most versatile Amazon fall events we’ve ever seen. So what would you grab first? Share with us in the comments below.

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