Autoslide is the easy way to let out your pet

Glass sliding doors are great for letting in the air and light. The only problem is, they are pet-proof. Autoslide provides a clever solution.

Autoslide is the easy way to let out your pet

Our cats and dogs are pretty smart, you know. They only need to watch you a few times to figure out how the refrigerator opens. Likewise, any regular back door offers no challenge to your clever kitty or your intelligent pupper. In fact, the only thing that can really thwart our pets (most of the time) is a sliding door. Being able to see the backyard without being able to roam around can be frustrating for your favorite furry. But with Autoslide, you don’t need to provide door service. This automated system slides open any patio door, allowing your pet to go exploring.

Freedom at last

For humans, patio doors provide a lovely view of the great outdoors from a cozy spot inside. They let in more light, and even allow you to sunbathe in your favorite armchair.

Our pets, on the other hand, have a very different opinion. Okay, so they might enjoy the sunbathing part. But who wants to see the leaves blowing about without being able to chase them? And why would we want to shut ourselves away from so many interesting smells?

[tweet_box]Autoslide allows your pets to come and go as they please, without the door being left open all winter. [/tweet_box]

Autoslide allows your pets to come and go as they please, without the door being left open all winter. The system works with virtually any type of sliding door, and it will only let in the animals you care about.

your pet 03

Time to go outside…

Let out your pet

Autoslide isn’t quite like the automatic doors you walk through at airports and the mall. While this system can sense motion, it relies on RFID technology. Each kit comes with two lightweight tags, which you attach to your dog’s or cat’s collar. Only when one of the tags approaches the door will Autoslide spring into action.

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The tiny tag

When this happens, the door rolls open swiftly but smoothly. Once your pet has made it through safely, the door then shuts behind them. This is particularly welcome in winter, but it also ensures that the local raccoon won’t dive into your kitchen.

your pet 04

Discreet motor

The system is pretty easy to install for anyone with basic DIY skills. You simply mount the bracket above your door, and stick the RFID receiver down at pet height. This works with even the cutest kittens with the littlest legs, and you can adjust the RFID range.

your pet 02

No more getting up to open the door!

The simplicity of the system is both a positive and a cause for confusion. On the one hand, you can get Autoslide working in 20 minutes. But equally, it’s difficult to see why this kit is priced at $640. It’s not like you get a Tesla thrown in free.

That said, Autoslide does what it’s supposed to. You can’t ask more than that.

“If you are worried about the neighbor’s cats or unwanted animals entering your home via the motion pet sensors, the Autoslide Smart Tag Pet Door Kit is what you need. The Smart Tag uses RFID technology to communicate with a receiver to activate your Autoslide-enabled sliding door securely.” — Autoslide

Smart design

We like that Autoslide is versatile and easy to install. It won’t take long before your pet is enjoying their new found freedom.

Words of caution

Autoslide says that they can’t be held responsible if another animal follows your pet inside. Guess you just have to look out for new boy/girlfriends.


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– Price: $640 USD

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