The best MacBook accessories to make you more organized and productive

If you have a MacBook, chances are, you're always looking for new gadgets and accessories. Because why wouldn't you be? There are a ton to choose from. Having the right stuff to go along with your MacBook can help improve productivity and keep you organized. And we have just what you need.

The best MacBook accessories to make you more organized and productive
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So, you have a MacBook. But who wants just a MacBook? You want all of the best MacBook accessories to go with it. You didn’t spend all of that money on a MacBook to not have all of the cool stuff. And some of that stuff isn’t just cool. It’s pretty darn useful. If you don’t want to carry around a bag, you’re going to need some sort of carrying case on the go. Because if you get caught in the rain… Well, let’s just say that wouldn’t be great.

And carrying cords and having them all tangled up is annoying, so you need something to help you get more organized if you’re working on the go. Some of the new MacBooks don’t have all the ports you need, so you’re going to need something for that. We’ve tried to think of everything. There’s definitely something on this list for everyone, and something that will make you go “Huh, I never thought of that…but I want it now!”

Sharge 3-Port 65W Laptop and USB Wall Charger fits anywhere

Need to fast-charge your MacBook Pro on the go? You need the Sharge 3-Port 65W Laptop and USB Wall Charger. This charger can fast charger your 13″ MacBook Pro in just 1.7 hours. Is your iPhone running out of juice? Fast-charge it in just 1.6 hours. And don’t worry. You can also charge them at the same time. This small but powerful wall charger has three ports—one USB-A and two USB-C—so you can charge multiple devices at once. This device makes for a great everyday carry item for working on the go, and it makes for a great travel item.

SINEX Multifunctional Laptop Stand Case is ergonomic

Work as productively as possible with the SINEX Multifunctional Laptop Stand Case. With a three-in-one design, the SINEX is a case, wrist rest, and ergonomic stand. Simply pull your computer out and prop this 3-in-1 gadget up, and you’ll be ready to work in an instant. It’s thin, making it easy to carry with you or slide it in your backpack. Additionally, the wrist rest is soft and comfortable, and the stand adjusts between 15º and 35º. This keeps your neck and back healthy. Furthermore, the case has strong built-in magnets that ensure your laptop stays secure inside.

Fuse Reel The Side Kick Collapsible Laptop Charger Winder keeps your cord tidy

Stop digging through your bag for your laptop charger only to find it tangled among your things. The Fuse Reel The Side Kick Collapsible Laptop Charger Winder helps keep it organized in an easy way. Simply attach this collapsible winder to your charging brick, and you instantly have a spot to wind up your cable. And when you’re not using it, this charging cord winder collapses down so it’s nearly flush with your charging brick. Instead of using the pop-out clips that come on Mac chargers, this organization tool works even better.

Waterproof MacBook Sleeve keeps you MacBook safe

Tackle your commute with some peace of mind when you stash your laptop in the Waterproof MacBook Sleeve. Also suitable for tablets, it features a soft lining and plenty of pockets. For those who are always on the go, this laptop sleeve will protect your gear from the elements. Simply slide your laptop or tablet inside and zip it closed. In addition, the front has zippered pockets, so you can also carry your smaller—yet equally important—items. Not to mention, the main compartment is large enough to also store your charger, adapter, and even a wireless mouse.

Waterproof MacBook Sleeve

Waterproof MacBook Sleeve in Use

Henge Docks Stone USB-C Tethered Docking Station gives you more ports

You might need more ports than your MacBook has to offer, but that doesn’t mean you want to ruin your aesthetic. With the Henge Docks Stone USB-C Tethered Docking Station, you get the best of both worlds. This MacBook dock may not have been made by Apple, but it sure looks like it was. Beyond its stone-cold good looks, this USB-C docking station offers three USB 3.1 ports, a USB-C port, a MiniDisplay port, and an SD card reader. Furthermore, this laptop dock even has audio, ethernet, and power supply outlets.

mophie powerstation AC Universal Battery charges more at once

Charging your mobile gadgets as well as your MacBook just got easier with the mophie powerstation AC Universal Battery. This jumbo battery pack charges most of your power-hungry devices, including those that come with an AC plug. In fact, you can also quickly charge your USB-C laptop at 30W by plugging into the USB-C PD input/output port. With the 22,000 mAh battery, you’ll be able to power up your laptop for an additional 15 hours.

MagaBolt Tri-Power 100W Charging Cable charges multiple devices

Thanks to its incredible output, the MagaBolt Tri-Power 100W Charging Cable can simultaneously charge multiple devices. Plug in your MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro all at once, and the Tri-Power will deliver 100 watts, charging them up. Magabolt achieves this feat thanks to its dedicated smart power distribution chip. Because of this chip, all three of the cables on this device transfer the maximum power delivery. The integrated Lightning cable even quick-charges iPhones with 18 watts of power.

Henge Docks Vertical MacBook Pro Dock gives you more desk space

The Henge Docks Vertical MacBook Pro Dock helps clear up much-needed space on your desk. By using this vertical dock, you can keep your laptop charging out of the way while you use your desk for other things. Additionally, you can keep your peripherals plugged in while using this docking station. So your laptop can be up and out of the way while you use a connected screen or two. Because this dock has both intake and exhaust vents, your MacBook won’t overheat while it’s upright and in use. Enjoy a tidy workspace for increased productivity with this dock.

Trooss Smart USB-C Charging Hub charges your smartphone and Apple Watch

Charge your smartphone or Apple Watch wirelessly with the Trooss Smart USB-C Charging Hub. Utilizing special technology, this innovative device enables you to charge any Qi standard wireless charging compatible smartphone or Apple Watch. Trooss plugs directly into your MacBook with the two built-in USB-C connectors to provide an entire suite of seven ports. Likewise, it includes an HDMI port that supports 4K@30Hz and two USB 3.1 (USB-A) ports for your standard USB devices. Complete with a long USB-C cable extension, Trooss easily connects to your iPad Pro.

SideTrak USB Screen Portable Dual Monitor is easy to attach

Working with a dual monitor is a fantastic way to improve your productivity. If you’re used to working with a dual-monitor setup, you know how awful it can be to go work at your favorite coffee shop without it. Now, there’s the SideTrak USB Screen Portable Dual Monitor. This USB monitor is easy to carry and plugs into your laptop to give you the dual screens you love so much, even when you’re on the go. And the screen works with most Mac laptops, PC and Windows laptops, and Chromebooks within the 13″–17.5″ range.

So, how much money will you be spending on the best MacBook accessories we could find this week? Because our wallets are out, and our fingers are hovering over the “buy” button for a few of these. Especially that dual monitor setup. How convenient would that be? Do you already have any of these? What do you think of them?

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