The best smart lights for any budget

Remember the days when clappers used to be the pinnacle of technology? When we think about what we have today, that technology seems almost primitive. Technology has improved and made nearly every aspect of our lives different, and our lighting choices are pretty neat now.

The best smart lights for any budget
Nottdesign Customizable Wall Light Displaying the Alphabet “A”

Most home lighting must serve two purposes. It needs to function as a proper light, and it needs to look good while doing it. Because while those fluorescent tube lights are fantastic for your garage and for Walmart, you don’t want those in your bedroom. Unless you do. And if that’s that case, you do you, no judgment. But if you’re looking for the next level in style and functionality, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered a list of some of the best smart lights for your home, and you’re going to want them.

Some of the lights on this list can help you take your decor to the next level, and some of them can help you take your life to the next level. No, really. Because light and quality of sleep go hand in hand, and when you get better sleep… Well, you know the drill.

Helios Touch Evolution Touch-Sensitive Wall Lighting

This modular lighting is pretty cool. You can buy packs of five Helios lights and attach them to your wall in any shape you want. And you can add more and more, so if you’re looking to design an epic dragon or the Darth Vader helmet on your wall, you can. You can even control brightness and warmness. And they’re super easy to stick to the wall and move around, since they just use 3M strips. They connect together with pin blocks, so they’ll stay where you put them and not move around and separate.

zLight Smart Lighting Sleep System

Remember what we said about getting a better night’s sleep? The zLight is here to help you with that. This light responds to your predetermined schedule to let you know when it’s time to get up. Don’t check your bright clock or smartphone in the middle of the night. If the light is off, you still have time to sleep. When it’s time to get up, it will emit a soft glow. And it also doubles as a wireless charger for up to three devices. Finally, it will track temperature, humidity, and CO2 in your room to make sure the air quality is conducive to sleep.

Casper Glow Smart Sleeping Light

The Casper Glow will help you fall asleep faster and achieve a deeper sleep. When it’s time to get ready to sleep, it will signal a warm, gentle light to signal to your body that it’s time to get ready to catch some Zs. Once you’re in bed, it will dim gradually, and when it’s time to wake up, it will start to emit a glow so you can wake up gradually.

Amazon Echo Glow Companion Lamp

A fun alternative to the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is the Echo Glow Companion Lamp. It will respond to your child’s voice to create different light effects. It even has a party setting that will cycle through all of the colors, in case they can’t make up their mind. Because…kid. And if you’re an adult who wants a bit of color around you, it’s great for that too.

Nanoleaf Canvas Interactive Ambient Light

The Nanoleaf smart lights are pretty amazing. They are a collection of squares that you can arrange to your liking and choose lights in almost any color. They function as lighting and a decoration, and the uses and ideas for them are limitless. Use as a focal point in your living room, or maybe add some soft, colorful light to a nursery or your bedroom. And since they are touch-sensitive, you can even do cool stuff with them like play a game of tic-tac-toe.

Nottdesign Customizable Wall Light

These Nottdesign lights are totally customizable, and we think they’re pretty awesome. It comes with numbers and letters in Helvetica font, and you can also put an infographic of your choice into the device. It can also be fitted with arrows, exit signs, or restroom indicators, so they’re perfect for businesses too.

Eve Smart LED Light Strip

Low-lighting can add a whole new dimension to any room. It’s a simple way to upgrade your decor while also providing useful light. These Eve Smart LED Light Strips are the best lights to achieve this. And they’re compatible with Apple HomeKit. You can use them for low-level ambiance, or all the way up to 1,800 lumens for full brightness. Best of all, you can control them via Siri.

Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Light

When we think about smart home lights, we don’t always think about the outdoors. We typically tend to think about decorations and saving energy and voice control lights for convenient areas in the house. But outdoor lights are just as important, and this Netgear light is just what you need outside. This security light is wire-free, so you can place it where you want to. And it automatically turns on whenever it detects motion, but you can tweak motion sensitivity for certain areas so it’s not turning on whenever a squirrel runs by.

PLAYBULB Candle Pro Smart Bluetooth Light

If you’re someone who loves candles but doesn’t want the fire hazard or the smoke and soot buildup on your walls and ceiling, the PLAYBULB is for you. And you’ll have nearly 17 million color choices through the app. It even has a sensor that acts like a candle and will turn the light off when you blow on it. If you want to randomly change the color of the flameless candle, just shake your phone when the app is open or gently tap the smart light.

IKEA and Sonos Symfonisk Table Lamp Wi-Fi Speaker

IKEA and Sonos have collaborated to bring you the Symfonisk, which gives you a lamp and Wi-Fi speaker in one. Its sleek design will look good in any space. And if you’re looking for a more minimalist design in your home, you’ll be able to cut down on the number of devices you have setting out. You can also easily control it from the device or from the app.

Now that we’ve given you some ideas to upgrade your lights with the best smart lights, which ones will you be getting? Do you have any already that you love?

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