Billy & Billy Pro use AI and robotics to help create the perfect selfie

Influencers and vloggers, have we got gadgets for you! The Billy and Billy Pro bring the power of artificial intelligence and robotics to act as your stand-in photographers. Today, we check out this cool new Kickstarter campaign and see what it's all about. Read on to learn more!

Billy & Billy Pro use AI and robotics to help create the perfect selfie
The Billy and Billy Pro are your AI-powered photographers

Whether you’re an influencer or an enthusiast, it’s fun to try and find that perfect camera shot. But sometimes it can be downright frustrating. Ring lights and stands go a long way, but it can still be challenging—especially if you’re trying to take more advanced pictures or capture more movement in your video.

The Billy & Billy Pro Kickstarter campaign is offering a product that could revolutionize self-capturing media. It uses a combination of technologies, like artificial intelligence and even robotics, to assist you, and we’re here to take a closer look at it. Let’s check it out!

Billy & Billy Pro use AI and robotics to help create the perfect selfie
The Billy can adjust using face-tracking features

AI power offers face and body tracking

Quite impressively, the Billy and Billy Pro use artificial intelligence to adjust themselves accordingly for better photos and videos. Combined with face and body tracking, they can capture and maintain focus on what matters. This way you can move more freely and fluidly without having to manually configure your shot. According to the official campaign page, it’s a lot like having your own camera operator.

Robotics reposition it while keeping your camera stable

What’s a little AI without some robotics? Working in conjunction with its artificially intelligent feature set, the Billy and Billy Pro can move around using their base plates. They can also adjust and reconfigure themselves as needed, using the help of face and body tracking.

For example, a mechanized arm on the Billy Pro can raise and lower a connected DSLR, all while keeping it stable. It can even shoot hyperlapse videos or dance routines. Don’t worry, it won’t fall off a table—because it uses cliff detection, too.

The Billy and Billy Pro in action

Super-quiet design that won’t ruin your video’s audio

If you’re used to recording video, you probably know the frustrations of capturing unwanted background noise as well. Particularly, you don’t want that background noise coming from a source closer to the camera than you are, as it would likely drown you out. This is why the Billy and Billy Pro are super quiet. They use high-quality parts and motors to make sure they’re silent enough not to intrude into your video.

Billy & Billy Pro use AI and robotics to help create the perfect selfie
The Billy Pro can follow along with your movements

They have well-made features for influencers and enthusiasts

The Billy and Billy Pro really bring something interesting to the table for a wide range of media personalities and hobbyists alike. From YouTube vloggers and TikTok influencers to artists and fashion designers, everyone can appreciate the many possibilities tech like this can offer.

Many people don’t have someone else who can shoot videos for them, or maybe they prefer to work alone. Using AI and robotics opens up a new door of potential.

Although we explored a few of the main features of these cool gadgets, this only scratches the surface. In fact, these devices come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, 2 USB-C ports, remote control capabilities, free firmware and app updates, and much more. So it’s well worth popping over to the products’ Kickstarter and taking a gander for yourself.

You can find Billy & Billy Pro on the official Kickstarter campaign page. You can get one with pledges starting at about $385.

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