Losing your focus while gaming? Try this gaming work desk with a motorized shuttle dome

If you’re looking for a way to immerse yourself further into your work or gaming sessions, look no further than the Orb X gaming desk. It’s a motorized shuttle dome that’s the next evolution in workstations. You’ll feel like you’re inside your very own spaceship! Read on to see this hot new item.

Losing your focus while gaming? Try this gaming work desk with a motorized shuttle dome
Orb X is a gaming work desk from the future

What tech lover hasn’t fantasized about having their very own spaceship–or at least something like it? Meet Orb X: The sleek, multi-purpose workstation that’s ready to fully immerse you in your work or gaming sessions. The partially enclosed desk space looks like something from the future and is loaded with excellent features. It supports multiple monitors and includes an ergonomic recliner. It’s even motorized and fully automated! With so much to love about this great workstation, you won’t want to miss it. Let’s step inside and take a look.

Losing your focus while gaming? Try this gaming work desk with a motorized shuttle dome
Gaming work desk includes ergonomic recliner and spatial audio

Semi-enclosed cockpit with automatic shuttle dome

Right away, anyone would notice this stand-out workstation. Its sci-fi aesthetic and sleek design is eye-catching and fun. However, beyond looks are some rather fancy features. The semi-enclosed cockpit offers a private space free from distraction. The Orb X gaming work desk has a shuttle dome that can close around you to provide privacy. How does it close? With as little as pressing a button, the fully automated motorized dome moves all on its own. All it needs is a “Make it so!” voice command. Who knows, maybe that will come next.

Ergonomic adjustable chair

Critical to a gaming work desk like this one is the chair you sit in for long periods. Thankfully, Orb X includes an ergonomic adjustable chair. It’s reclinable and provides lumbar support with a comfortable headrest. It even has a footrest as well. With its customizable design, you can sit as long as you need to without experiencing pain or discomfort.

Orb X gaming work desk in action

Multiple screen mounts with a 2.1 spatial audio system

What’s the next most important part of a workstation? Well, the monitors, of course! That’s why Orb X makes sure they support a wide range of setups. From a single 49-inch to three 27-inch monitors, you can have effective display options available for your gaming or professional needs. Not only that, but it also has 2.1 immersive sound with spatial audio! This means you’ll be ready to enjoy some killer sound while gaming and listening to music.

Built-in sliding tray for computing

If you’re wondering where your computer or gaming console goes, the Orb X gaming work desk has a hidden compartment. The compartment includes a built-in sliding tray where you can put your PC, console, or rig. It’s a clever feature that keeps things tucked in the right places so that it doesn’t tarnish the super-cool look of the workstation.

The future of workstations just might look like the Orb X

If you’re looking for a traditional-style desk, the Orb X might not be a good fit for you. However, if you’re looking for a cutting-edge workstation with sci-fi-inspired looks, this is it! After all, who wouldn’t want to have their very own space pod sitting in their home or office? With a comfy chair, a motorized privacy shield, plenty of monitor space, and 2.1 immersive audio, who wouldn’t want to hang out in this beast?

Losing your focus while gaming? Try this gaming work desk with a motorized shuttle dome
Motorized shell encloses gaming work desk for privacy

The Orb X gaming desk is coming soon for $10,000. Check out the official website for more information.

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