Want to create a custom sound system? You need to try Soundots Ai-2

Most portable speakers are lone rangers. But the new Soundots AI-2 is happy to blast tunes alone or as part of a custom setup.

Want to create a custom sound system? You need to try Soundots Ai-2
  • What is Bluetooth 5.0? It’s the latest thing in wireless connectivity. It allows you to play audio from your phone on two speakers simultaneously.
  • How do you create a custom sound system? Either buy something very expensive from a specialist store or grab a modular speaker.
  • What is the best modular speaker? We love the new Soundots Ai-2. You can connect several of these speakers for bigger sound.

As audio technology has improved over time, portable speakers have really grown in popularity. People love being able to enjoy good — if not great — sound on vacation or down at the beach.

Of course, such devices cannot compete with elaborate home cinema setups. Separate tweeters and subwoofers will always outclass an all-in-one boombox. As a result, you have to choose between immersive sound and portability.

At least, that was the choice. The new Soundots Ai-2 portable speaker can work alone or as part of a team. This means you can build a custom sound system wherever you go.

What is the best multifunctional Bluetooth speaker?

It’s difficult to pick an outright winner, but the Ai-2 is a very capable little package.

This handsome device has two 48mm drivers, mounted inside a durable fiber-armed plastic chassis. It weighs just 750 grams (26.4 ounces) and it’s completely portable.

[tweet_box]Most portable speakers are lone rangers. But the new Soundots Ai-2 is happy to blast tunes alone or as part of a custom setup.[/tweet_box]

The speaker utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 for cutting-edge wireless sound, and you get an AUX port for wired sound. As the name suggests, the Ai-2 is also pretty smart. The speaker has two USB-C ports, meaning you can connect it with Amazon Alexa, Chromecast, or Apple TV.

custom sound system 07

Stackable sound

How to build a custom sound system

While each Ai-2 sounds great on its own, the real magic happens when you put multiple units together.

custom sound system 06

Sleek design

On the top, bottom and sides of Soundots, you will find a clever locking mechanism. This allows the speakers to slot together like building blocks. The stack of speakers works like a choir, with each device harmonizing with the others. This means that instead of one 15W speaker, you have a 120W wall of sound.

custom sound system 01

Feel the power

Furthermore, the speakers can be arranged to suit your need. For instance, you can daisy-chain three together to form a soundbar under your TV. Alternatively, you can split them apart for multi-room music at a house party.

custom sound system 02

Many options

Thanks to a built-in touch panel, these speakers are really easy to control. They even look the part, with integrated RGB lights.

While a cluster of Ai-2 speakers won’t replace your surround sound system, it’s probably the next best thing when you’re away from home.

“Place three Soundots in front of your TV and create a powerful crystal-clear soundbar for all your movies, series and games. Going out? Grab just one of the Soundots on the go and enjoy up to eight hours of wireless music bliss. Remember: you can stack as many Soundots as you want. Crank it up!” — Soundots on Kickstarter

custom sound system 04

One smart speaker

The best bits

This speaker is the complete package. It’s small enough to fit in your backpack, yet it can team up to provide a full home cinema experience.

custom sound system 05

The full setup

Future designs

While these speakers do sync, they cannot yet offer surround sound. We’d love to see that in version three!


– Kickstarter: Until August 4th

– Pledge: $159 USD

– Delivery: November 2018

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