Dell XPS 13 is the World’s Smallest 13 inch Laptop

Dell XPS 13 is the World’s Smallest 13 inch Laptop

It seems that everything Apple makes is viewed as the standard of the respective category and that has held true with the MacBook Air. While there may be proper competition, it hasn’t held the attention of the average consumer in order to make a dent in the sales. Thankfully, this has led to better attempts by other companies. Dell seems to be on a mission to become a top quality tech company in 2015 and their most recent laptop announcement and release seems to be right in line with that goal. The XPS 13 is an amazing new laptop with supreme quality and an amazing form factor that deserves a closer look.



The XPS 13 is a standout from the moment you open it. The screen is almost completely edge to edge with minimal bezels on the left, top, and right sides which gives it a feeling of efficiency and intelligence. I want to see more companies focusing on this part of their design; fat bezels make any product looks lazy and outdated.

Otherwise, the XPS 13 feels amazing. A quality, metal exterior with carbon fiber weaves encasing the keyboard and touchpad on the inside. The carbon fiber is a rare material to see on laptops; in fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it before. The XPS 13 definitely benefits from this in the aesthetic department and it helps in the weight department too.



The XPS 13 has quite a wide range of options. You can get it with a low res non touch screen and bottom end processor or you can get an insanely high res touch screen with a top end processor. It really just depends on what suits your needs which is always good to see from a laptop manufacturer. That being said, I can’t really go into detail on the relative performance as it’s sure to vary with the choice of specs.

One thing to note is an unfortunate side effect of the slim bezels. With Windows 8.1, a common gesture is to swipe in from off the screen to on to bring up options and the charms bar. With such a small bezel, some people are reporting issues with getting such a gesture to work properly. Hopefully, I’ll be able to test this myself and come back with some hands on experience. All in all, however, the XPS 13 seems like an amazing new choice in the laptop world that is definitely worthy of your consideration.

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