The Dr.MUSIC 3 Wireless TENS Massager Pulses to Your Music

The Dr.MUSIC 3 Wireless TENS Massager Pulses to Your Music

After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than relaxing. But, stiff and sore muscles can often stand in your way. Whether you sit at a desk all day or complete manual labor; your muscles take a beating. You can now experience relief instantly with the Dr.MUSIC 3 Wireless TENS Massager. This device:
– is easy to use
– is totally portable
– has convenient features
– uses innovative technology

A great massage can make any day great. But one from the Dr.MUSIC 3 system makes it extraordinary. Cutting the cords, you can relax anywhere you’d like.

Thorough Wireless TENS Massager

Unlike other devices on the market, the Dr.MUSIC 3 works tirelessly to relieve strain and pain. The ingenious device targets your problems areas. It uses electrical stimulation which invigorates your nerves and muscles. While totally safe to use, the Dr.MUSIC 3 is powerful enough to penetrate through your skin and really work out any knots or pain. Whether it’s your shoulders, lower back, arms, or legs, this convenient system rejuvenates your body.

Wireless TENS Massager

Massage to the Beat

The Dr.MUSIC 3 takes TENS massage to the next level. Using an app or the built-in controls, the Dr.MUSIC 3 syncs to your music library on your smartphone. Amazingly, the device actually delivers pulses to the beat of your favorite tracks. With this feature, you body won’t build a tolerance to the pulses. For each muscle and pain, there are unlimited massage options for a more thorough experience. This innovative massage technology is truly remarkable.

Wireless TENS Massager

There’s an App for That

The Dr.MUSIC 3 system can be totally controlled through the app. Available for iOS and Android, it uses Music Sync to access your library. In addition to switching songs, you can also adjust the intensity of the pulses for a truly customized massage.

Wireless TENS Massager

What We Love

With all of these features, sore muscles are a thing of the past and so it a built up tolerance. The music integration puts the Dr.MUSIC 3 heads (and shoulders and backs!) above massagers on the market.

What We’d Like to See in the Future

The Dr.MUSIC 3 system is one of those devices that is hard to improve. Perhaps larger massagers would be beneficial for expedited relief. In the meantime, this device seems perfect.

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Indiegogo: until mid-February
– Pledge: $129
– Delivery: March 2017

How much will your day improve with a bespoke massage?

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