These environmentally friendly straws are amazing for the earth

Every day, we wake up to more news about the state of the planet and the environment. Climate change is happening, and it's important that we act now to save the earth. Any small change we can make helps, and eliminating plastic straws is a small step we all can make.

These environmentally friendly straws are amazing for the earth
Say goodbye to the extra waste with GIR Straws

Plastic straws. They don’t seem like much. They’re convenient to use, and they keep ice from clanking against our mouths as we drink. Because we all hate when that happens. But they’re everywhere. When you take a moment to take stock of plastic straws and how many are used daily, it’s astonishing. These GIR environmentally friendly straws can help (and no, they’re not paper).

Sure, there are a lot of people who don’t see the big deal, and they are upset about having to use alternative straws. They don’t see a point in eliminating plastic straws. Some of these people hold tightly to their thoughts about using plastic straws, and some can be won over. More could be won over if there were a better replacement to paper or metal straws, and GIR Straws are just that.

Using an alternative straw may not seem like a big action, but it’s a small step that we have the power to make to reduce waste and help the planet.

A light pink environmentally friendly straw in a mug of boba tea.

These environmentally friendly straws even handle boba pearls

Plastic in the ocean is a huge problem right now. Ask yourself, how will we hurt the world by reducing waste? The answer is, we won’t. Any elimination of waste leaves the world a better place. Simply swapping your traditional plastic straw for a GIR Straw helps you do your part.

What’s the big deal with paper and metal straws anyway?

Paper straws are a great biodegradable solution that won’t take up space in landfills or emit gasses that are hazardous to the ozone when they are decaying. But the problem is that they get soggy. Leave that straw in your glass for too long if you’re nursing your drink, and it’ll be useless.

A mint-green environmentally friendly straw in a strawberry shake.

Cold drinks or hot drinks, this straw won’t drastically change temperature

Metal straws are fantastic and zero-waste. Many of them are collapsible, so they’re easier to store. But if you’ve ever been driving and hit a bump in the road while you’re drinking from one of them, you understand one of the problems. It’s not pleasant to hit one against your lip or your tooth, and some people have even chipped their teeth from using one. And sometimes they can make your drink taste a bit metallic. No one wants that.

GIR Straws has a better solution with their environmentally friendly straws

GIR Straws has solved the problem for those wanting to take a step and save the planet and who also don’t want to use paper or metal straws. Their environmentally friendly silicone straw is the perfect balance between functionality and sustainability. Their straw will never get soggy and will never chip your tooth. What it will do? Help save the planet.

These straws are made from platinum grade silicone. They are soft and bendy, yet sturdy. They can even handle the thickest milkshakes without an issue.

Check out these specs

  • These environmentally friendly straws use only the best materials. They are BPA and BPS free, and they are FDA and LFGB approved, using pharmaceutical grade, platinum-cured silicone.
  • Carry it easily on your key chain with the built-in loop.
  • Keep it clean and safe with the travel case. (Note, the Smoothie & Boba straws, Kids straws, and Cocktail straws don’t come with a travel case. They do, however, come in reusable packaging designed to keep them safe wherever you keep them or take them.)
  • The triple-cleaning squeegee ensures you’ll always have a clean straw.
  • Your straw won’t heat up with hot beverages or get cold with cold beverages like glass and metal straws do.
  • No odor and no taste means the best sipping experience every time.

Sizes and colors galore

Most reusable straws operate in the one-size-fits-all realm. Not GIR Straws. These silicone straws come in a wide variety of colors and sizes to fit all of your beverage needs.

An dark blue environmentally friendly straw in a cocktail.

The Cocktail straws are perfect for a night out on the town

Tell me more about the sizes, please

  • The Kids Straw
    • This straw will fit perfectly in sippy cups, small hands, and on-the-go beverages. It’s 5.5″ long and has a diameter of .25″.
  • The Cocktail Straw
    • This straw will fit perfectly in rocks glasses and is good for dinner parties and drink markers. It’s 5.5″ long and has a diameter of .25″.
  • The Standard Straw
    • This straw is the best for daily use. It fits standard glasses and is the perfect replacement for standard straws. It’s 8″ long and has a diameter of .25″.
  • The Traveler Straw
    • This straw is great for tall traveler mugs and glasses and that venti drink you know you’re going to buy. It’s 10.5″ long and has a diameter of .25″.
  • The Smoothie & Boba Straw
    • Chunky shakes and boba pearls don’t stand a chance with this straw. It’s 9.4″ long and has a diameter of .4″.

Tell me more about the colors, please

We could, but we’d spend the next 1,000 words listing just the different colors and packages. You’re going to want to check out the options for yourself. There’s a color for everyone, and multi-packs with different themed colors. There are even Kid and Cocktail straws that glow in the dark. We think that’s pretty awesome.

A neon green environmentally friendly straw in a glass of orange juice, surrounded by toy dinosaurs.

Teach your children sustainability with these reusable silicone straws in fun colors

What we ❤️

What’s not to love? With the vast array of sizes and colors, you can’t go wrong. There’s a straw for every drink. We love the high quality and usability of these straws. And, most of all, we love doing our part to help save the planet. Every little bit helps.

What we’d ❤️ to see

We’d love to see travel cases for the straws that don’t come with them. While the reusable packaging is nice, if you’re going out for a night of cocktails, you don’t necessarily want to take a whole package of straws with you for your cocktails. And putting just one in your pocket or person isn’t the most hygienic.

Run, don’t walk, to grab your GIR Straws

You can grab your starter kit of 20 glow-in-the-dark party straws for just $20. Get your kids excited about sustainability, or make your next cocktail party a hit. These environmentally friendly straws should be part of every household.

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