Gadget Flow Announces Accountability and Compliance Scheme

Gadget Flow Announces Accountability and Compliance Scheme

We’re changing the way we do things. At Gadget Flow, we believe that brands of all sizes should be accountable for what they deliver. With that in mind, we’re announcing the Gadget Flow Compliance Scheme.

We’ve followed in the footsteps of Indiegogo and Kickstarter to design our compliance regulations for crowdfunding campaigns. Kickstarter has a list of rules which states that “projects must be honest and clearly presented” and require a working prototype. Likewise, Indiegogo has a Trust & Safety team which provides automated as well as manual campaign reviews. They also advise backers to do their research and campaigners to continuously engage backers.


In order to stick to this level of compliance, we’re implementing a due diligence standard. We promise to properly investigate any product before it’s live on our platform. Each product requires the approval of at least four editors to be accepted. This model goes for non-crowdfunding products as well.

Ultimately, backers are responsible for any pledges they make to any campaign. But, our platform is where you can always find the latest and greatest products. Part of the compliance scheme is monitoring campaigns to make sure they deliver.

The deliverables include:
– Replying to backer comments
– Delivering the product on time
– Ensuring the proposed technology is realistic and possible

And, of course, campaigns must also provide timely announcements to keep the public and backers informed.

Gadget Flow Announces Accountability and Compliance Scheme

We heavily regard information from our viewers about campaigns that fail to deliver. In the event that a product or campaign doesn’t achieve its deliverables, we will adjust the listing accordingly. You can find the comments from our Editor in Chief above the product description along with an updated rating to reflect the shortcomings. This also goes for completed crowdfunding campaigns that are still advertising with us.

Why We’re Doing It

Crowdfunding is hands-down the best way to launch a new product. But, many companies are misusing it and we want to protect our users as well as the market.

Got a tip for us? You can now report a product directly from the listing on Gadget Flow. Simply click on “Report This” just above the Overview & Specs and fill in our contact form.

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