How Handheld Technology Has Changed Our Lives

How Handheld Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Ever-advancing capabilities in technology have revolutionized the way we live our lives in the 21st Century. Computers, combined with a broadband internet connection, symbolize just how far technology has developed, with their almost endless list of functions and facilities creating a wonderful incentive for commercial and personal gain. Hardware developers continue to work on creating hybrid machines that effectively render older computers obsolete, with high processing speed, quality graphics and clear audio settings allowing users to make full utilization of next generation technology.

From watching films and playing games to producing work documents and sending emails via the internet, computers have established themselves within the furniture of modern day commercial buildings and households. They have been accompanied by other forms of technology that allow users to carry out any action they desire whilst on the go, wherever they are. Smartphones continue to grow in popularity, with one in five people worldwide making the most of the range of functions and downloadable apps made available across numerous markets. While modern day handsets continue to provide the basic functions from which their invention was originally based upon, smartphones and other handheld gadgets are practically portable computers that provide us with a wealth of options at our fingertips.



Sporting events, such as football, rugby and horse racing, generate huge interest across the world from fans that immerse themselves in the excitement, drama and tension of a game or race in which the outcome is entirely unpredictable. Going to a stadium or watching on television is the best way to catch live action, but there may be occasions when both options are not available and avid sports fans may miss out on the latest news and scores. This is where mobile phones come into play as an invaluable gadget for users to remain firmly on the pulse of their favorite sports.

We are more inclined to use our phones to check the latest scores and place bets as it is more convenient and time efficient; each mobile website and app is designed to provide a user-friendly layout for gamblers to check the latest scores and also catch live action at the touch of a button or screen. Mobile phones allow us to place bets on live sporting events wherever we are, whether it is whilst shopping in a supermarket, on a long commute, or sitting in the waiting room at a dentist. It provides a portable alternative to logging onto a PC which suits those who enjoy sports betting; comparing the sportbooks is smart to receive the best odds on the market which you can instantly utilize via your mobile phone.


Taking the time to kick back and relax in the comfort of a book remains a popular leisure activity that allows people to wind down after a hard day. Reading books is also popular with commuters who immerse themselves in a gripping storyline to effectively pass the time by. While conventional books serve a literary purpose, they can become difficult to carry around and be cumbersome to hold on a moving bus or train, therefore spoiling the reading experience. It is for this reason that e-readers were invented to provide avid readers with a more portable and user-friendly method of reading books whilst on the go. E-readers are designed with an ultra-thin screen which is light and comfortable to hold in the hand, with the device allowing users to download a plethora of books electronically. It provides users with their own personal library they can carry around and utilize wherever they are, with having a choice of books perfect to suit your mood or desire for a romantic comedy or crime story.

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Going to a supermarket or shopping mall is an enjoyable venture for many people who appreciate the ability of having time away from the workplace and home to purchase groceries and personal items. There are those, however, who view shopping as a chore and a pressurized experience, with the considerable wealth of choice and strong sales pitches creating an element of stress. Additionally, those who enjoy busy lifestyles, whether through work or personal adventures, may not have the time to spend walking around the shops and buying products. Mobile phones can be utilized to not only look through an entire catalogue of products at a leisurely pace that suits you, but also make considered purchases via direct transactions. You can utilize comparison websites to search for the best prices on the market, with many apps created to provide shoppers with a detailed map of a mall enabling them to enjoy a stress-free experience.

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