Love gaming? You need to try the HP 800 OMEN headset

If you want to get the most out of your gaming sessions, a good headset is essential. The new HP 800 OMEN offers great sound and comfort.

Love gaming? You need to try the HP 800 OMEN headset
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While graphics often win the plaudits in gaming, audio is every bit as important. Without some eerie ambiance to set the scene, jump-scares really aren’t that scary. Likewise, it’s impossible to talk smack with your Fortnite buddies without a solid mic.

In other words, your choice of audio gear is important. While your regular headphones will do a job, you might want to consider investing in a serious gaming headset.

With large drivers and an ergonomic design, the HP 800 OMEN headset will have you hooked. This beautiful beast offers a surround sound experience like no other.

How good is the HP 800 OMEN gaming headset?

By any measure, HP’s headset has a lot to offer. Designed specifically for PC gamers, the 800 OMEN combines solid build quality and audio excellence.

The headset has huge 53mm drivers that deliver powerful sound. Explosions have the punch you would hope, and the rattle of machine-gun fire is suitably intense.

[tweet_box]If you want to get the most out of your gaming sessions, a good headset is essential. The new HP 800 OMEN offers great sound and comfort.[/tweet_box]

However, power doesn’t come at the expense of clarity. The OMEN 800 is just as comfortable mimicking the subtle rustling of the wind blowing through virtual trees.

Smart surround sound

The OMEN 800 is part of HP’s wider range of gaming products, including PCs. If you happen to own an OMEN desktop or laptop, there’s a cool feature you can unlock with this headset.

HP 800 OMEN 02

Smart surround sound

When you select the custom DTS Headphone:X profile on your gaming PC, the OMEN headset switches to surround sound. This puts a whole new dimension on your gaming experience (literally). Now you can hear people sneaking up behind you or being blown up in front of your eyes.

Of course, other sound options are available. The headset works with any PC, or indeed any other device with a 3.5mm jack.

Pure class

The OMEN 800 also delivers when it comes to design.

While the black and red style is a little generic, this headset is really comfortable. It has a suspension headband which distributes the weight evenly, and your ears are wrapped in plush cushions. At just 0.95lbs, the OMEN 800 is also a featherweight in its class.

HP 800 OMEN 03

Lightweight and comfortable

The HP headset has a retractable mic for multiplayer, which offers good clarity during tense moments. There’s no noise cancellation, but the mic seems to do a good job of separating your commands from the heavy breathing.

“When the difference between the kill-of-the-century and staring down a kill-cam is one critical move away, communication is crucial. With comfort and clarity under control, you’re fully immersed in your environment, and able to communicate with your team as if they’re right there with you.” —

Things we like

You won’t find a more comfortable gaming headset. The ear cushions are so deep that you might get lost.

The bottom line

In the sub-$100 range, this headset is a real winner. It doesn’t have Dolby 7.1, but it over-delivers on every other front.


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