Want better precision? Upgrade to the new HP OMEN gaming mouse

If you're starting to take PC gaming seriously, the HP OMEN gaming mouse makes a great upgrade. This precision peripheral is the latest in HP's SteelSeries, offering high resolution and minimal lag at an affordable price.

Want better precision? Upgrade to the new HP OMEN gaming mouse
  • What DPI do you need in a gaming mouse? Ideally upwards of 1600 DPI.
  • How much do you need to spend on a gaming mouse? The best affordable options start at around $50.
  • What’s the best affordable gaming mouse? With a precision optical sensor and adjustable weights, the new OMEN gaming mouse by HP is a great buy.

Among all the peripherals you will plug into your PC, your gaming mouse is probably the most important. This palm-sized device represents your eyes, your rifle scope and your steering wheel. Precision is everything here — although comfort is also of the utmost importance. The new HP OMEN 600 hopes to deliver on both counts.

This gaming mouse is the latest addition to the SteelSeries gaming line, providing exceptional performance at an affordable price. It’s perfect for new PC gamers and experienced players alike.

Why do I need a gaming mouse?

When you’re taking your first steps as a gamer, it makes sense to use the equipment you already own. But as you progress and become more committed, you may find your regular mouse and keyboard are just too slow and cumbersome for fast-paced dogfights.

When you first lay hands on the HP OMEN Mouse 600, you’ll feel the difference. It’s like getting out of a Ford space wagon and jumping into a Ferrari. This gaming mouse offers speed and precision on a completely different level.

[tweet_box]If you’re starting to take PC gaming seriously, the HP OMEN gaming mouse makes a great upgrade.[/tweet_box]

What’s more, you should be happy to play for longer. The ergonomic design won’t place your hand under any stress, meaning you won’t wake up the next day with wrist pain.

The new HP OMEN Mouse 600

HP OMEN Mouse 600 03

The HP OMEN Mouse 600

Everything about the HP OMEN Mouse 600 is finely tuned for eSports. It has an optical sensor that provides any level of sensitivity between 800 and 12,000 DPI. This means you get true 1:1 tracking across the screen — vital for pulling off unlikely kill streaks.

HP OMEN Mouse 600 05

Comfort and customization (Credit: HiTechKing on YouTube)

Of course, you may want different settings for different games or scenarios. So, the folks at HP put settings controls right on the mouse. As a result, you can change the sensitivity without breaking stride.

The customization doesn’t stop there. The Mouse 600 has internal weights to ensure stability. Between gaming sessions, you can move these weights around to find the perfect balance.

HP OMEN Mouse 600 02

Perfectly balanced

The HP OMEN Mouse 600 is designed to work seamlessly with OMEN laptops. It’s also compatible with other PCs running Windows 7, 8 and 10. All you need is a spare USB port.

“Victory is a group effort, and bringing the right tools can make you go from an average teammate to the team’s backbone. The OMEN Mouse 600 is engineered with precision at the forefront, so you can focus on split-second decisions without thinking twice about that overtime countdown.” — HP.com

The best bits

For folks who like to fiddle with the settings, this mouse is a dream come true. It also provides great performance at a very affordable price.

Future designs

MMO players might feel a little left out by the customization options. A few more quick-access settings would be a great addition.


– Order now: via HP.com

– Price: $53.99 USD

Header image: HiTechKing on YouTube

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