Impressive new technology everyone is talking about

Some days, it feels like advancements are coming at us fast and furious. Every time we turn around, something is even better than before or has some sort of never-before-seen tech. If you're looking to join the water cooler conversation, we've got just the ticket.

Impressive new technology everyone is talking about
Softbank Robotics Pepper Humanoid Robot in White

When new tech comes out, most of us are all atwitter over it. We can’t wait to get our hands on it and see how it performs. There are always the standard upgrades to things, the little tweaks, but there’s also a lot of impressive new technology that we could only dream about before.

Our daily lives are constantly being improved, and even if you’re not a tech-driven person when it comes to computers, phones, tablets, gaming, etc., there’s a lot of cool stuff coming to market that you might not have thought of before. While you might not care about having a home robot, we’re pretty sure an automatic pot stirrer might be just the latest tech you’ve been looking for.

One of our favorite conversations is new tech, and here is some of the new tech we’ve been talking about here at Gadget Flow.

Microsoft Surface Translating Earbuds

If you want to wow people with your knowledge of impressive new technology, let them know about the Microsoft Surface Translating Earbuds. These earbuds work with Microsoft Office, and can do a slew of things. You can create real-time captions in your Office apps, and they are translating devices. They can create captions in over 60 languages, so if you’re traveling or you have a colleague from another country coming into the office, you’ll be able to communicate far easier. They have 24-hours of battery life, and they have touch sensors.

Apple MacBook Pro 16-Inch Powerful Laptop

Someone at work talking about needing a new laptop? You can let them know about the Apple MacBook Pro 16-Inch Powerful Laptop. The new MacBook has a Magic Keyboard, which means that the keys feel super soft thanks to their scissor mechanism. This new tech also has a slightly more concave design. The battery life has been upgraded and will run 11 hours on a single charge, which is amazing for a laptop this powerful. The 16-inch display is large enough so you can do anything on it, and the laptop is slim enough that you can easily take it anywhere.

Microsoft Surface Neo Dual-Screen Folding Tablet

This impressive new technology is truly wondrous. The Microsoft Surface Neo Dual-Screen Folding Tablet opens like a book and is more versatile than ever. It has a 360° hinge and is the perfect multitasking tool. It has dual LCD Gorilla Glass, so it’s durable. Toss it in your bag and don’t worry about cracking the glass. It’s only 5.6 millimeters things, and it weighs just 655 grams. It has a full trackpad and full-screen scrolling too. This tablet is truly awesome, and people are sure to be talking about how neat it is. And if they haven’t seen it yet, you’ll be able to introduce it to them and be on the cutting edge of tech knowledge.

Liftid Neurostimulation Personal Brain Stimulator

People love gadgets that sound like they’re out of a novel from the future. There is sure to be buzz surrounding the Liftid Neurostimulation Personal Brain Stimulator. This new tech uses tDCS (Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation) to deliver a mild electrical current to your brain. All it takes is 20 minutes a day, and you’ll be more focused and productive without the aid of stimulants such as caffeine or sugar. And the electrical current doesn’t hurt at all, since you’re probably wondering. You’ll feel a slight tingling sensation, but this device is totally safe and easy to use.

Misty II Personal Robot Platform

Robots are here, and everyone is talking about them. The Misty II Personal Robot Platform is a highly advanced intelligent robot, and you can have this impressive new technology in your home. Forget about just talking about robots. Buy one and show it off to everyone. They’ll be impressed by how cute and smart Misty II is and all of the amazing things she can do. She conveys her personality with head nods, winks, and sighs, and you can easily program her to perform the tasks you want her to perform. She can even recognize your face and learn your floorplan. And she’s not just there to look cute; she can patrol your perimeter, manage your smart home devices, and check on people. She even charges herself at the end of the day so you don’t have think about it.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha Surround-Screen Smartphone

If you thought Apple’s latest screen that takes up the whole face of the phone was a big deal, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha Surround-Screen Smartphone has a screen that wraps around the edges of the phone and around the entire device. How cool is that? This is new tech like never before, and if someone manages to get their hands on one—since it’s only being produced in limited quantities—everyone is sure to be oohing and ahhing over it. And don’t worry. You’re not just paying for a screen. This phone comes with a high-performance Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor, 512 GB of internal storage, and it has 5G connectivity.

Google Stadia Game Controller

The Google Stadia Game Controller lets you direct your streaming experiences with ease. One thing people are sure to be talking about is that this controller comes with a button that lets you get help straight from developers. How awesome is that? You can even talk to Google Assistant through this controller, and you can access hints to whatever game you’re playing. It also connects to the cloud via Wi-Fi and gives you the ultimate in gaming performance.

Samsung AirDresser Garment-Refreshing Appliance

The next time someone is talking about having to go to the dry cleaner, tell them about the Samsung AirDresser Garment-Refreshing Appliance. This impressive new technology is sure to have everyone talking about its ability to remove on the many errands you have to run. This dry-cleaning appliance fits in your bedroom and looks good while doing so. It removes 99% of dust particles in only 25 minutes, and the exterior is a full-length mirror. It comes in four colors—gold, brown, rose, and white—and you can connect it to the MyCloset app to track your clothing’s cleaning history. Don’t remember the last time you cleaned that jacket? No worries. The app will tell you.

Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter

One of the worst things is getting on the plane and not being able to watch the in-flight movie because you have the wrong headphones. And with airlines already charging so much, most of us don’t want to spend the extra money on their cheap headphones when we already have AirPods. The Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter is the solution everyone has been looking for. Just plug this transmitter into the seat-back display, and it connects to your headphones via Bluetooth. There’s no need for wires connecting you to the treadmill anymore either. It can connect up to two pairs of headphones, so you and your seat buddy can watch that airline movie together thanks to this impressive new technology.

Heatbox Self-Heating Lunchbox

The lunchbox of the future is here, and there’s sure to be buzz about it. Forget trying to jam into the breakroom to use the dirty microwave, or planning your lunch around everyone else so you can actually warm your food up. The Heatbox Self-Heating Lunchbox uses steam to heat your lunch. All you have to do is press a button. It’ll warm up to three lunches on one charge, and it easily charges. The lunchbox comes with an app that lets you know how long you should heat your meal, and it comes with recipes. And don’t worry about making a mess when you’re transporting it, because it’s leakproof.

Breo iDream5 Heated Head Massager

Imagine having a head massage whenever you wanted one. No paying a masseuse, no begging your partner, no trying to do it yourself. The latest tech now brings you the Breo iDream5 Heated Head Massager. Say goodbye to stress with this helmet that massages the points on your head under the most pressure. It can even relieve stress about the base of your head and neck, which is where most tension headaches settle. It has 90 minutes of battery life, uses multiple massaging methods in each 15-minute session, including air compression, kneading, and vibration. It also uses 107°F heat for further relaxation.

ROLI Portable Songmaker Kit

Musicians everywhere will be talking about the ROLI Portable Songmaker Kit. Forget having to take lots of equipment everywhere or not having something with you when inspiration strikes. This new tech combines the Seaboard Block, Lightpad Block M, and Loop Block for the studio experience you’re looking for. You’ll have 24 keywaves to play melodies, an illuminated playing surface to control effects, and you can use the Loop Block for production control. All you need to do is bring the creativity, because the Songmaker Kit is bringing everything else.

Mudi 4G LTE Privacy Router

There’s always a worry about doing personal business on public Wi-Fi. But sometimes you don’t have a choice. If you get a notice that your bank account has been hacked or someone is racking up debt on your credit card, you need to take care of it no matter where you are. Now, you can use the Mudi 4G LTE Privacy Router and you’ll be able to keep all of that very personal information safe. This new tech is a cryptography device that protects your data. You’ll be able to use the internet anonymously with the Tor service, which encrypts your data and bounces it around randomly. It also provides you with a wide VPN compatibility with access to more than 25 providers.

Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit Customizable Controller

Know any gamers? They’ll definitely be interested in the Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit Customizable Controller. You’ll have something to talk about with the Xbox lovers in your life. The Logitech G improves upon the Xbox Adaptive Controller by adding buttons and triggers to your Xbox controller for a high-performance setup. Thanks to its flexibility, you can design the kit any way you want to have the best gaming experience curated specifically for your needs. You’ll have 12 plug-and-play buttons and triggers, and the light-touch buttons are extra sensitive. With this impressive new technology in game controllers, you’ll be able to make it past that tough level with no problem.

Brush Lee 10-Second Automatic Toothbrush

We live in a world that’s constantly on the move, and any time we can save so we can do something else is helpful. And we’ll take those seconds wherever we can get them. Enter the Brush Lee 10-Second Automatic Toothbrush. Why spend two whole minutes on this part of your morning and evening bathroom routine when you can spend just ten seconds. This automatic toothbrush features a mouthpiece and built-in chamber for toothpaste and automatically foams. All you have to do is put the brush in your mouth and press a button. It does the rest.

Kano Harry Potter Coding Wand

Everyone is always talking about Harry Potter (proud Slytherin over here), and fellow geeks everywhere are sure to be talking about the Kano Harry Potter Coding Wand. If you’re looking to get your kids to learn to code with this impressive new technology, this is a great tool for ages six and up. Rather than just tracing with their finger on Wizards Unite, they’ll be able to take control with over 70 step-by-step challenges. This Bluetooth wand only takes a twirl and a wave to control. Your kids can play using iOS, Android, Mac, and PC devices.

E-Sneakers by Evolux Customizable LED Shoes

If people aren’t already talking about these sneakers and their impressive new technology, they will be once they see you in a pair. All you have to do is connect the E-Sneakers by Evolux Customizable LED Shoes to your smartphone and you’ll be able to tell everyone how you feel. You can combine text, graphics, and patterns on the mobile app to present them on your sneakers so everyone can see it. And you can change the design in mere seconds. They have an eight-hour runtime, and the LEDs are white or red.

Saki Automatic Pot Stirrer

This is the pot-stirrer that people will want to talk about. Not like Karen, who’s always poking the gossip bear. The Saki Automatic Pot Stirrer gives you that extra hand in the kitchen you always seem to need. Especially for those recipes that require constant stirring. Who has time for that? Saki is efficient and made with food-safe materials to stir all of those gravies, soups, stews, and sauces while you take care of something else. Saki takes it up a notch from other automatic stirrers and has two arms for ideal mixing precision and balance. All you have to do is mount it on your pot and adjust the height and width according, and it won’t scratch your pans.

If you weren’t talking about this impressive new technology before, you’ll be doing so now. We’ve given you a lot to digest and share with others, in a wide variety of fields. Is there something you and your friends have been in awe over and talking about? Let us know!

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