The best Halloween decorations, accessories, and gadgets of 2019

For anyone who loves a good fright, October is a fun time of year. Whether you are planning a ghoulish party or just trying to outscare your neighbors, here are the best Halloween decorations and gadgets for 2019.

The best Halloween decorations, accessories, and gadgets of 2019
Halloween Decor at Cincinnati / Credits: WCPO Cincinnati

The traditional pagan celebration of Hallows’ Eve, now known as Halloween, has changed quite drastically over the years. People have been dressing up and going door-to-door since the 16th century. However, the parties, home decorations, and scary movies are very much a modern twist. No matter how you like to celebrate Halloween, we have you covered. Here are the best Halloween decorations and gadgets for your home this 2019 holiday.

Outdoor Halloween decorations

Why keep all the terror inside? These outdoor Halloween decorations will have the trick-or-treaters quaking in their boots:

AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit Holiday Scene Projector

This smart projector brings your static decorations to life with 14 digital creations for Halloween and the holidays. AtmosFX brings pumpkins to life and sends ghosts floating around front windows.

Hanging Lighted Glowing Witch Hat Decorations

These fun witch hats will light up your yard after dark and make your neighbors look twice. They come on a 33-foot cable with eight different light modes and a built-in timer. They are also waterproof, meaning they can survive October showers.

Sler Animated Lightup Talking Eyeball Doorbell

Visitors to your house will think twice about using this kooky doorbell. When the button is pushed, a giant green eyeball opens up and guests are greeted by spooky noises. It’s the ideal outdoor Halloween decoration for scaring trick-or-treaters!

Halloween Haunters Animated Dog Skull Knocker

The Dog Skull Knocker is another hair-raising way for guests to attract your attention. When someone knocks, the skull starts barking viciously and the eyes light up red.

Home Halloween decorations

With the right Halloween decorations, there is almost unlimited scope for terrifying your guests. These products should help you create a perfect house of horrors.

Halloween Finger Candles

Candles usually add a warm glow to any room. But these gruesome finger candles will send chills down your spine. They come in a variety of colors, including a realistic skin tone.

Creepy Doll’s Head Candles

For an extra dose of wax-based chills, try the Creepy Doll’s Head Candles. These handmade wonders will evoke memories of classic horror films, while the flame will illuminate your home with an eerie flickering light.

Motion-Activated Glowing Hanging Grim Reaper

When someone walks past this motion-activated Grim Reaper, the manifestation of death will laugh. At the same time, his eyes will glow red. We recommend hanging this decoration in the hallway to greet visitors.

Halloween Pumpkin LED Lights

If you want to get in the spirit without giving your kids nightmares, these pumpkin lights should do nicely. Powered by AA batteries, they glow orange just like full-size Jack-o’-lanterns. They are pretty energy efficient, too.

Scary Zombie Bride with Alien Baby

At the other end of the scaring spectrum, this full-size zombie bride is truly terrifying. When she hears your voice, her eyes light up and the alien baby head in her stomach will start moving. This is definitely not one for the faint of heart.

Halloween party accessories

If you are planning to celebrate Halloween with a get together, these decorations and accessories should give your guests the chills.

Mechanical Spider Bluetooth Speaker

This unique Bluetooth speaker looks like a nightmare but sounds like a dream. The speaker also detaches from the main spider, so you can play around with this futuristic arachnid.

Zombie Head Decanter

You can pour out the refreshments in style with this decapitated decanter. Made from glass, it can hold 39 ounces of your favorite liquor. The question is, will anyone be brave enough to try the drink?

Pumpkin Tap Kit from KegWorks

For a slightly less spooky way to serve the drinks, try this pumpkin tap kit. Made from brass with a chrome finish, the tap turns your gourd into a container for any refreshment. Just don’t carve out a face on the side!

Halloween Party Inflatable Zombie Drink Cooler

If you prefer to drink beer from the bottle, this fun inflatable will keep your refreshments ice cold. The PVC casket can also be filled with candy and toys to keep everyone entertained. Be careful not to upset the resident zombie.

Amazlab Halloween Fake Blood Bags

There is surely nothing more gross than drinking from a blood bag. These fakes look the part, and you can fill them with any beverage. They even have a realistic drip tube which you can use as a grisly straw.

HTC VIVE Cosmos Premium PC VR System

If you’re planning a party, the HTC VIVE Cosmos is perfect for scaring your guests with horror games. This headset offers six degrees of freedom, and it is compatible with a good selection of frightful titles.

Halloween costumes

To get in the full Halloween spirit, you really need to dress up. These cool costumes will make you the envy of your friend group.

GlowCity Emoji Stick Figure Costumes

If you want to look the part, GlowCity costumes should add a fun twist to your Halloween outfit. Powered by a 9-volt battery, these wearable lights turn you into a walking stick figure with an emoji head. Freaky, right?

Vampire Teeth Cosplay Fangs

No good vampire costume would be complete without a decent set of fangs. These realistic dentures come in a pack of three pairs, each a different size. Add a little fake blood, and you might convince your friends to buy garlic!

The best Halloween decorations

If you are happy to embrace the ghouls and gore, this time of year is filled with opportunities for mischievous fun. Inside your home, you can set up motion-activated pranks and sinister spider webs. Meanwhile, outdoor Halloween decorations range from creepy lights to full-size animated specters. The only limit is your imagination.

How are you going to celebrate Halloween this year? Share your plans in the comments!

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