How INNO LUMI Makes Smart Lighting Surprisingly Simple

How INNO LUMI Makes Smart Lighting Surprisingly Simple

Human beings are programmed to respond to light. Your body knows that the first, cool light of day means morning has arrived. Likewise, the warm glow of evening makes many of us feel sleepy. Whether you choose to follow this instinctive guidance is another matter. The INNO LUMI smart lighting system makes it easy to shape your day with light. With multiple LED and light strips to choose from, the system is totally flexible. Better still, you won’t need any complex Wi-Fi setup.

– Smart bulbs and light strips work with almost all lighting attachments

– Instant control of all your lights via the supplied remote

– Choose the perfect color, brightness and timing to suit every occasion

Simple Smart Lighting

We are still at the very early stages of the smart home revolution. As a result, each major brand has its own vision for the technology. When it comes to lighting, many have chosen to provide smartphone controls. This is fine for setting programs but less good for instant control. It’s quicker to reach for a regular light switch than it is to unlock your phone and open an app.

This is why the INNO LUMI system is based around a dedicated remote. You don’t need to waste time connecting everything to your home Wi-Fi network. Instead, you can instantly take control of any compatible bulb within 32 feet. There are multiple lighting options to pick from, and a huge array of lighting modes.

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Straightforward IlLUMInation

To get started, you simply replace your regular bulbs with the smart INNO LUMI ones. The two models cover E12, E14, E26, and E27 attachments. Both have an array of LED beads to deliver bright light, with 16 million colors available on demand.

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For better ambient lighting, you can also use the INNO LUMI light strip. At just under 10 feet long, it’s perfect for the darker corners of your kitchen or bathroom.

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INNO LUMI smart lighting

It takes just nine seconds to set up the smart remote. You can take control of up to 96 bulbs and light strips from the handset. The intuitive controls allow you to turn on any light with a single tap.

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But this handset isn’t just a portable light switch. The integrated e-ink display allows you to control the brightness, color and program mode of each bulb. Furthermore, the system allows you to change the settings for all the bulbs in each room.

INNO LUMI smart lighting

Along with manual controls, INNO LUMI offers several “Scenarios.” These modes are perfect for various situations — from colorful party lights to subtle reading conditions. You can easily see the menus in any light via the e-ink display. In addition, this low-power screen allows the remote to keep going for 20 days without charging.

”INNO LUMI is a suite of smart lighting products providing effortless control of home lighting systems. With the provision of an elegantly simple remote control and a range of LED bulbs and light strips to choose from, INNO LUMI will enable the transformation of the humble home lighting into a sophisticated mood enhancer.” — INNO LUMI on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

Smart home lighting that doesn’t take hours to set up or manage.

Future Designs

It would be nice to have some more program modes, and maybe some extra smart light switches.


– Kickstarter: Until September 1st

– Pledge: $54 USD

– Delivery: October 2017

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