This innovative wall lighting looks fantastic everywhere

Fixtures and furniture are part of what makes your home a home. Some like an eclectic array of things, some like to shove every nook and cranny with books and mementos, and some prefer a more minimalistic approach. No two homes or rooms are ever the same.

This innovative wall lighting looks fantastic everywhere
Use your Helios wall lights to reflect your passion

Furniture, fixtures, and decorations in our home are a facet of how we choose to express ourselves. From simple white walls to bold colors to patterned wallpaper, we’ve (hopefully, if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that’s possible) chosen how to adorn the space we live in. Decorating your own home is a right of passage for some. A feeling of “I’m finally an adult!” But all of these choices come with a price tag. And what happens if you get sick of the decor you’ve chosen? Helios’s innovative wall lighting removes that obstacle.

When you buy a set of Helios modular wall lighting, you’re giving yourself limitless options. Options to change your mind at a whim, to make sure that no matter what style you choose for your home or a particular room, your Helios lights will match. Helios gives you practically endless choices with their touch-sensitive wall lighting, and we think these lights are pretty awesome.

Options abound with this touch-sensitive wall lighting

With Helios, you can express yourself. Wherever you are in life and whatever your style is, you can arrange your Helios modular lights to reflect your mood or your current tastes. Even if your mood is changing on a daily basis, that’s okay. You can change your Helios modular wall lighting as much or as little as you want.

The only limit to your lighting configuration is your imagination. You can use over 60 panels to create the perfect, customized design for you. And you’re not just limited to the shape you put your wall lighting in. This innovation wall lighting allows for adjustments in warmth and brightness, and each light can operate separately from the one next to it.

Change your modular wall lighting with just a touch

When you hang your Helios lights, they’ll be connected via one master light. You can change each one individually, or you can turn them all on or off by touching the master light. Swiping the lights with your hand will turn them off or on individually. Touching two lights at the same time adjusts the warmth. And since they are touch-sensitive, they’re easy for kids to use as well.

Multiple rows of modular wall lighting is hanging on a white wall, with alternating rows of lights turned on and off.

Helios gives you the ability to use all of the lights or only some of the lights

If you’re looking to set the mood with your Helios lights, these lights will offer down to 2000K, and they’ll go as bright as 7000K for when you need things to be a little sharper. Whether you’re looking for a cozy night in to binge-watch Star Wars movies, or if you’re trying cram for a test before midterms, there’s a setting that will complement your needs.

It’s easy to move your Helios lights

Your mom is coming over. You’ve just broken up with your partner, and you’ve arranged your lights in an X to match your dark mood. But the last thing you need is your mom asking you why your lights are in an X. You don’t even want to get into that conversation while the wound is still fresh.

A man is standing in front of a wall full of innovative wall lighting and touching one light.

The options for your Helios lights are virtually endless and only limited by your imagination

Helios has you covered. The lights are pieced together with small pin blocks inserted onto the edges of the lights. Just pop them apart and move them around in a jiffy. And they adhere to the wall with 3M tape, so you can move them around with fuss or holes in your wall.

Don’t worry about putting lots of nails in your wall

That hole-in-the-wall bit is especially important if you are a renter. Landlords don’t tend to take kindly to a barrage of holes in the wall and might take it out of your deposit. You do have the option to use nails if you’re placing your lights in a more permanent position and don’t envision yourself changing them around too often.

A little boy is smiling and touching a modular light on a white wall.

Even your children will enjoy being able to show their creativity with these easy-to-use lights

But even then, you’ll only need one nail for every five lights, since only the central light will need to be mounted. The rest of the lights will be attached to it via the small pin blocks.

What you get with your light set

When you order your set of Helios touch-sensitive wall lighting, you’ll receive five light tiles. You’ll receive the aforementioned 3M Command™ Strips that will adhere to most surfaces, including solid walls, hollow walls, and painted walls. And you won’t need to worry about finding a stud to mount your center tile on.

You’ll also receive an international power supply with:

  • 120/220v, 50/60hz
  • USA, UK, EU, AUS plugs
  • 2 meter power cable
A dark gray room with a large blue painting hanging on the wall, and there are modular lights in the form of arrows pointing to the painting.

Your Helios lights aren’t just lights; they’re part of your decor

What we ❤️

We love the versatility of these lights. There are so many options for configuration, and they really give people a way to personalize their lighting. We like that one purchase has so many options because we all get bored with things after we buy them and wish we could change them up.

What we would ❤️ to see in the future

We’d love to see more color options. Nothing crazy though. We don’t need flashing disco lights or anything that will make us feel like we’re in the club. But some softer colors like pinks, blues, greens, and purples to give us some more options for personalization depending on our mood or what we’re doing that evening. It’d be fun to have different color combinations to use for holidays and special events.

Where you can buy you Helios Touch Evolution innovative wall lighting

For only $78.44, you can get a set of these touch-sensitive lights on Helios’s Kickstarter. This is a great point of entry to get you going, and you can always add as many as you want down the road. Once you get started with your personal wall light design, you’ll probably end up wanting more. And we’re pretty sure the team at Helios will be okay with that.


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