Introducing BMW’s iDrive display—a step towards autonomous driving

BMW has updated and upgraded its interior infotainment system that can do almost anything. It boasts three driving modes: Sport, Personal, and Efficient, with each of these modes having different driving functions, including braking, chassis settings, internal and external sounds, and even engine throttle. Discover more of these upgrades in today's article.

Introducing BMW’s iDrive display—a step towards autonomous driving
BMW’s iDrive display design

The new iDrive 8 will launch in the BMW iX followed by the BMW i4, and it’s a huge improvement on the seventh-generation iDrive system it’s replacing. You can make various adjustments inside of your car by voice activation or gesture control. And the system comes with three main layouts: Drive, Focus, and Gallery. Each of these provides different functions so you can maximize or minimize the driving content on display.

BMW’s iDrive display in action along with included features

BMW’s eighth-generation iDrive infotainment system is an upgrade

The iDrive 8 infotainment system features two displays: a 12.3-inch panel and a 14.9-inch central touchscreen. Combined, these two displays work seamlessly together to create the appearance of one huge screen, allowing you to access the driving controls within one unit.

Furthermore, BMW’s iDrive display features new hardware, an entirely new look on the display, and graphic design language that’s present throughout the apps, menus, and navigation system. In fact, these appearance upgrades are some of the key improvements of the latest Drive system. And there are several layouts on the central display to choose from.

Introducing BMW’s iDrive display—a step towards autonomous driving
BMW’s iDrive display with the screen switched on

Features BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant with a more personal touch

The new iDrive display comes with an updated version of BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant, which the car company claims is more personal than it ever was. In particular, you can give the voice-assistant software a name of your choosing. And the infotainment system provides visual prompts on the information when handling tasks.

In addition, you can save all of the settings from the Intelligent Personal Assistant to your BMW profile, which is equipped with deeper personalization modes compared to previous generations. Impressively, this software can predict where you’re going which can come in handy for a daily commute. The car can also predict if you want to go to the office. In which case, it’ll automatically prepare the best route regarding traffic congestion.

Introducing BMW’s iDrive display—a step towards autonomous driving
BMW’s iDrive display close up of the functions

Supports driving assistance and semi-autonomous features

Best of all, BMW’s iDrive display will boast driving assistance and provide an autonomous driving experience. This lane-keeping, blind-spot detective, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking. These features are described as Level 2 by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Level 3 would refer to highly automated driving, where the car can essentially drive itself.

Introducing BMW’s iDrive display—a step towards autonomous driving
Introducing BMW’s iDrive display close up of the screen displaying the navigation system

Finally, iDrive 8 also offers interior ambiance and an improved driving experience. Its new My Modes feature lets you choose the interior lighting and weight of the steering, along with the graphics on the touchscreen. Combined with semi-autonomous features, BMW’s iDrive display can make driver feel more enjoyable and safer.

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