Janus One Phone is a Marvelous Design With Up To 3 Months of Stand-by Time

Janus One Phone is a Marvelous Design With Up To 3 Months of Stand-by Time

As compared to the early-Spring data of 2011, 64% of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind. The usage isn’t confined to making calls alone. We use our smartphones for mobile banking, shopping, playing games, chatting with friends, making video calls and so on. But this entire experience is slowly taking us away from enjoying those simple and precious moments from our real life. Today, when we have a meal at some restaurant with our family, a part of the time is spent on posting social media updates or pictures of the food instead of enjoying that quality time you get to spend with your dear ones. The whole smartphone world has succumbed us into this abyss of virtual craze which is so addictive that it’s hard to come back to our real life too easily.

What if there was a phone simple enough to serve its purpose which wouldn’t overshadow your physical experiences with the virtual side of things anymore. What if your phone did not get in the way and made your life simpler and happier at the same time! I am not asking you to get rid of your smartphones because they are useful in a lot of ways. But I think having a Janus One in your wallet can make sure you get to spend your moments without any smartphone distraction popping up from time to time.

Janus One phone on Kickstarter

Sleek Design You Can Slide in Your Wallet

When I saw the Janus One on Kickstarter, my first reaction didn’t believe this to be a real phone. How can someone reduce the phone size to that of a credit card which comes with a stand-by time of up to 3 months? That’s insanely awesome (if there was any such adjective!), don’t you think?

Janus One phone on Kickstarter

But more than its size, what really made me adore this beauty is its functionalities. Janus One is not just a phone. It’s a power bank, sports pedometer, Bluetooth dialer and a lot more. Don’t get fooled with its size because Janus One is simply an extraordinary phone that will help you stay away from the smartphone hullabaloo but in a sleek and stylish way.

Janus One phone on Kickstarter

Use it as a Standalone Phone or an Extended Bluetooth Handset

You can either use it as an extended Bluetooth handset for your phone or as a standalone device with a micro SIM if required. The phone is a thin credit-card sized beauty that can slide in and out of your wallet with ease. It’s about the size of your credit-card and comes with a smudge-free screen with a gorgeous CD effect. Keep it beside your smartphone and you’ll be surprised with the design.

Janus One phone on Kickstarter

Now the coolest thing about this phone is that it’s shockproof and water-resistant too. So even if you handle it carelessly, your Janus One won’t get affected. Oh, and if you think the small size evidently means you’ve got to charge this phone every now and then, you’ll be happy to know that the Janus One comes with a stand-by time of up to 90 days. That’s just amazing!

Additional Features Include Power Bank, Pedometer and More

One problem most smartphone owners face is a dying phone battery when they are on the go. But Janus One can help you with its emergency power bank that can easily charge your smartphone whenever necessary. The Bluetooth dialer will allow you to forward or make calls from the Janus One at places where you wouldn’t want to use your smartphone or while it is charging. It can also be used to work as a sports pedometer so that you’re able to count how many steps are taken to travel a certain distance.

Janus One phone on Kickstarter

The vibration alert is powerful as well as the back light which will help you use this phone even in the dark. Here are some additional specification details you might want to have a look at,

Display : 1.68″ OLED

Battery : 1500 mAh

Talk time :, 12 hours

Phone Book : 500 contacts

Network : GSM: 850/900/1800/1900

Janus One phone on Kickstarter

The phone is currently available on Kickstarter with the pre-order price starting from $69. It’s not just another smartphone but a phone that will make your life simpler and allow you to cherish your moments without staying disconnected. Happy Gadgeting!

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