How to Keep Your Videos Extra Steady with SmoothVu

How to Keep Your Videos Extra Steady with SmoothVu

Many of us want to be the Steven Spielberg of vacation videos. Our film-making streak usually comes to the fore during epic adventures, and in the company of friends. The Smooth Stabilizing Gimbal helps to keep your handheld smartphone videos extra steady, while topping up the battery and adding great sound.

– 3-axis stabilizing gimbal keeps your footage smooth

– Works with smartphones and GoPro cameras, with extra battery power

– Comes with a mic, smartphone lenses and other accessories

Keeping your videos extra steady

Away from the major channels, YouTube is awash with terrible footage. You can find wonky mountain bike runs, and disorientating party videos. Even cats cannot escape the clutches of bad camera work.

SmoothVu is here to save us from the stomach-turning shakes. This smart gimbal has brushless motors that keep your smartphone or GoPro level and steady. It works perfectly for filming your travels, smoothing out the footage even when you are walking. You can also capture gnarly runs on the piste or in the skate park.

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The companion smartphone app provides lots options. You can set up face tracking, and provide a teleprompter for the star of your show. If you are using a GoPro, you can still grab some cool slow-mo shots.

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Aside from the smooth stuff, SmoothVu comes with some neat extra features. For starters, it has a dual battery system that can top up your filming device. It also has integrated controls, so you can start/stop filming with one hand.

In addition, the gimbal works like a tiny video rig. You can use the supplied microphone to beat wind noise, and attach the LED light for better low-light footage. You also get a mini tripod and smartphone lenses. It all comes inside a rugged hard case.

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“SmoothVu will help you create clean, crisp, clear videos. We have created the world’s first fully integrated stabilizer with professional quality accessories.” — SmoothVu on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

Videos so smooth that they massage your eyeballs. Bonus points for awesome sound and the charging feature.

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Future designs

Maybe DSLR support? Not a lot you can add here!


Currently raising funds via Kickstarter, SmoothVu is available to pre-order now for $239 on an Early Bird Special. The first units should ship to backers in July.

What would you shoot using the SmoothVu? Tell us in the comments!

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