Kwame Baah Footwear Has the Best of Ghanaian Aesthetic for You

Kwame Baah Footwear Has the Best of Ghanaian Aesthetic for You

When it comes to a leather shoe, you always go for ones that look stylish and gives you maximum comfort. Kwame Baah is one such footwear brand with a twist. This handcrafted footwear brand gives you the best of Ghanaian aesthetic. The founder George Kwame Baah grew up in Ghana under impoverished conditions. So, his aim has always been to build a brand that will employ the skilled artisans of Ghana in the best way possible. This is what led to Kwame Baah – a handcrafted footwear brand with the highlights of a traditional Ghanaian aesthetic. The reason why you should choose Kwame Baah over others is:

– This footwear has a soft and comfortable leather insole.

– Genuine leather and the colorful, handwoven Kente fabric from Ghana makes the design pretty versatile.

– They come in various styles and are pretty affordable at the same time.

Why Should You Choose This Ghanaian Footwear at All?

The primary reason for going for this footwear brand is its uniqueness. It’s not the regular footwear you come around every day, and that’s what makes it different. The combination of genuine leather and Kente fabric looks great. In addition, the sole is soft and comfortable. This makes the footwear a perfect fit for your everyday style. In fact, recycled tire goes behind making the soles. So, all in all, this footwear brand is not just about wearing stylish designs but also about helping a batch of people get the deserved credit for their skill.

Kwame Baah Ghanaian Handcrafted Footwear from Ghana

The loafers are available for both men and women. They are available in various designs, and you can choose to have the best style that suits your personality. Pair them up with the Kwame Baah accessories, and you are all set to create a new fashion trend inspired from Ghana.

Kwame Baah Ghanaian

What We Like

The sheer authenticity of this footwear brand is unbelievable. It’s unique, different and eco-friendly. What else can you ask for!

Exquisite Ghanaian Handcrafted Footwear

What We Want to See

More versatility in the prints is what we would love to expect from them in the near future.

Kwame Baah Ghanaian


The Kwame Baah footwear is currently available on Kickstarter. You can grab yours starting at a pre-order price of $45.

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