This lightweight blazer will make you comfortable and stylish

You love the professional, tailored look of a blazer. But sometimes they're just a little too hot. And for that reason, you should have a look at this lightweight blazer. Produced from Austrian beech trees, this stylish menswear has a design that's lighter than cotton but that gives you the structure you need. Best of all, it eliminates the need for a button.

This lightweight blazer will make you comfortable and stylish

A blazer is an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. It adds structure, sophistication, and professionalism to any outfit. But the typical blazer is made out of heavy materials and isn’t very breathable. And those summer blazers made from linen? They wrinkle at the slightest touch. Cotton blazers also get rumpled and can’t hold the shape that denser fabrics can. For these reasons and many more, you might want to check out the GOTTLICH MAXIM AIR Luxury Blazer. This lightweight blazer features a light, eco-friendly fabric stitched in a modern style. And did I mention that it has a magnetic closure? It does.

When you first see this lightweight blazer, you’re struck by its crisp yet airy look. That’s because the fabric is sustainably made from Austrian beech trees. That’s right, trees, not wool or cotton, is the main component of MAXIM AIR. Beech trees result in a fabric that’s smooth and breathable. It’s also 65% lighter than cotton. Can you imagine a blazer that won’t make you overheat, and that looks as good at the office as it does in a posh bar? But at the same time, the company hasn’t compromised aesthetics for breathability. The fabric is designed to have the appearance of luxury wool. So this blazer will have the look of a heavy, classic material but will be so much more suited (pun intended) for modern life.

Choose menswear that’s comfortable and breathable

The problem with most menswear items is that use heavy and heat-retaining materials. GOTTIC MAXIM AIR‘s creators, however, want to reverse this trend. So they created their lightweight blazers using the Austrian beech trees I wrote about above. This results in a fabric that’s naturally porous at a molecular level, and it lets air circulate in and around the garment, making it 150% more breathable than cotton.  So that means you can wear this blazer during a summer afternoon wedding, worry-free.

Get more flexibility with this reversible men’s blazer

You know how one blazer is never enough? Luckily, these lightweight blazers are reversible, which means you’ll get two great looks in one piece of clothing. According to the company’s Indiegogo page, MAXIM AIR looks as good in the office as it does at the club. So this blazer will help you be ready for whatever is on your schedule. What’s more, the 360º lapels help to complete the transformation. And since the blazer uses a particular micro-coil single needle chain stitch, it’s impossible to know from looking that it that this blazer is a two-in-ong product. It will keep you looking professional.


GOTTLICH MAXIM AIR Luxury Blazer on a Man Sitting

Enjoy a fashion blazer with a magnetic closure

Are you tired of that button in your blazer destroying the garment’s clean line? This lightweight blazer eliminates these drawbacks because it has a magnetic closure. That’s right; this blazer does away with the traditional blazer button, leaving just a hidden magnetic button in its place. And the jacket has never looked better. You’ll also love that this magnetic closure is quicker and easier to use. Furthermore, it helps with the reversibility of MAXIM AIR.


GOTTLICH MAXIM AIR Luxury Blazer on a Man at a Meeting

Have more fun with a blazer that allows for some stretch

You always want to look put together on the dance floor. And with the MAXIM AIR, you’ll finally have a blazer that’s light enough and flexible enough to wear while you’re busting your moves. The fabric is infused with pliable elastane, which gives it an optimum three-dimensional stretch and provides you with more freedom of movement. It’s a luxurious, yet fun addition to you’re wardrobe.


GOTTLICH MAXIM AIR Luxury Blazer on Friends

Ensure you smell your best with antibacterial silver ions

And if all that weren’t enough, this lightweight blazer also helps you smell good. The fabric features antibacterial silver ions that prevent bacteria cells from dividing and destroys them. This keeps your blazer smelling fresh. So you won’t have to waste time and money trekking to the dry-cleaners across town. Furthermore, this luxury blazer also wicks away moisture and sweat from the body, keeping you cool while feeling smooth against the skin. These blazer makers have truly thought of everything when it comes to designing a cool gadget for menswear.


GOTTLICH MAXIM AIR Luxury Blazer on a Man Outdoors

Add a blazer with stain repellant technology to your wardrobe

Just about the worst thing that can happen to any blazer is a red wine stain. Luckily, MAXIM AIR boasts an advanced stain repellent nanotechnology. This turns any liquid that’s spilled on your blazer into tiny droplets that roll off the clothing. So liquids never have the chance to be absorbed by this jacket.


GOTTLICH MAXIM AIR Luxury Blazer on a Man Drinking Tea

If you’re looking for an excellent all-around blazer, the MAXIM AIR is it. This lightweight blazer is breathable and comfortable. It also gives you plenty of style options since it’s reversible. And the gorgeous color options include Deep Ocean, Alpine Grey, Cloud, Sky, and Midnight Black. So no matter your style or what kind of blazer you want, you can probably find a MAXIM AIR that matches it.

The GOTTLICH MAXIM AIR Luxury Blazer costs $150.17, and you can preorder it on Indiegogo.

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