M-Jewelry 3D Printer is Perfect for Intricate Designing

M-Jewelry 3D Printer is Perfect for Intricate Designing

3D printing has evolved massively over the years. In fact, with all the new 3D printers coming up, this industry is expected to grow by more than 31% per year between 2014 and 2020. But with the passage of time, what becomes challenging is to meet the expected results. As a matter of fact, precision and accuracy are highly required in this field of designing. If you are into jewelry making or professional 3D designing, you’ll understand that word even more. M-Jewelry is about to revolutionize this sector with their professional UV-LED, wireless DLP 3D printer. This printer

– has a high resolution of 30/50microns XY.

– enjoys extra-long working hours up to 50,000+

– entertains wireless printing

– has a 3.5 touch screen for easy access

3D Printer for Dentists and Jewelers

This 3D printer is specifically made to meet the demands of professional designers. In fact, it is one of the best for dentists and jewelers who have specific 3D printing demands. The compact design has a high-resolution (30/50microns XY) and build volume (Max 64 x 40 x 130 mm) to meet the demands of such intricate design industries. Bringing a design to life is a tough challenge for any designer. The M-Jewelry 3D Printer aims to bridge that gap with a device you can place easily on your work table and set up your printing factory anywhere you wish to.

M-Jewelry 3D Printer kickstarter review

Reduce Your Work Time

The aim of M-Jewelry is to reduce your work time without compromising with the design. A perfect piece of craft for any jeweler is possible with a great design and excellent handcrafting skills. M-Jewelry makes that possible within a short frame of time. What truly makes this 3D printer one of a kind is the compact design with the LCD touch screen. This makes it easy for you to interact with the printer as and when you wish to. It offers a greater ease of visual operation.

M-Jewelry Wireless DLP 3D Printer review

Wireless Connectivity

Even if you go for highly intricate designs, the X-Maker will make the process easy and not much of trouble at all. You can manually add columns or tree structures to make your designs more intricate. In addition, you have the wireless connection system that will enable you to control your 3D printer without those cables. You can monitor the printing process of each printer any time. Together, they make a perfect workstation for any designer out there.

What We ❤️

The compact design and the wireless connectivity makes this 3D printer unique. It’s less bulky but not less productive.

What We Would Like to See

Even more reduced size. They have already made the form factor smaller than previous designs, and we now wish to see it go even smaller than what it is like as of now.


– Pre-Order Price: $3,099.00$3,345.00

– Official Price: U50:  $3599 and U30:  $3899.

– Expected delivery: April 2017

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