The VR future of Microsoft Teams meetings—meet Microsoft Mesh

Imagine a world where two beings from separate locations can see and communicate with one another in the same room. Microsoft Mesh is the answer to remote working, doctor's appointments, conference meetings, and more, where multiple bodies can see and hear each other in real-time. Discover the highlights of Microsoft's latest launch in today's blog.

The VR future of Microsoft Teams meetings—meet Microsoft Mesh
Microsoft Mesh review

Working remotely can be tough for some teams—especially in environments where being close to one another makes you work more efficient and productive. Take an ENT doctor, for example, where they need to see a patient in person for training and examinations. Or environmental scientists or architectures who’s daily jobs require observing models.

Sometimes, life gets in the way and dilemmas happen where two worlds that need to meet, simply can’t. But this shouldn’t interrupt your work life or stall your medical necessities. Fortunately, now there’s a newfound platform that creates the illusion that two people are in the same room connecting with one another.

Introducing Microsoft Mesh—a VR communication platform that produces holographics of people, drawings, and models for collaborative purposes.

The features of Microsoft Mesh

What is Microsoft Mesh?

Microsoft Mesh is a new, innovative mixed reality platform that makes remote communication feel more intimate. So instead of connecting with a coworker through FaceTime, Microsoft Mesh creates a sensation that the person is in the same room as you. And it all happens with a natural mannerism. In fact, the illusion will motion as the person at the other end does.

Furthermore, it’s powered by AI capabilities of Azure to create an actual feeling like you’re in the same place with someone when you’re physically not.

Initially, Microsoft Mesh users will appear as avatars but the tech giant is working on developing a realistic holographic representation of people for a more personal touch. Microsoft describes this as “holoportation”. And it’ll allow people to interact with virtual objects in a more realistic way.

Explore Microsoft Mesh in depth

What’s this platform’s purpose?

This mixed reality platform allows designers, engineers, teachers, personal trainers, doctors, and more to work and communicate together—even if you’re located in different continents. Although conferencing platforms allow employees to communicate with one another, they lack the ability to be tangible with objects. Microsoft Mesh lets you get close to virtual models, documents, items, etc. It gives you the same control as if it were right in front of you.

The platform opens up a world of opportunities where architects can handle 3D models together in a similar manner to physically being in the same room. Best of all, you can tailor its purpose to your liking. For example, if you miss a loved one overseas, “holoportation” allows you to feel them with you momentarily.

Do you think this new development will make office working a thing of the past? Or do you embrace this new technological advancement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Read Microsoft’s official announcement here.

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