Could MotherBox Be a Breakthrough for Wireless Charging?

Could MotherBox Be a Breakthrough for Wireless Charging?

Although many devices now boast “wireless charging” among their features, we seem to be more tangled than ever. Charging pads simply add to the power-cord spaghetti, while making our devices totally immobile. MotherBox might be the long-awaited solution. This innovative charging station transmits power to your devices, much like a Wi-Fi router. The range is small and the technology is new, but the potential is enormous.

– Motherbox base station transmits power to nearby devices equipped with wireless adapters

– The base station can charge multiple devices simultaneously with smart top-up features

– Mini version has its own battery, providing wireless power on the go

Wireless Charging Wizardry

Any upstanding nitpicker would note that MotherBox is not entirely wireless. The base station still gulps power from the nearest outlet, after all. For the rest of us, this charging system neither tethers your phone by cord nor by pad.

Could MotherBox Be a Breakthrough for Wireless Charging?

The technology is actually quite familiar, with one important alteration. Regular charging pads transmit electromagnetic energy up into your phone or tablet. This 2D arrangement puts tight restrictions on the charging area. In contrast, MotherBox has a 3D antenna. This allows the charging station to beam electromagnetic energy in all directions.

What does this mean in real-world terms? Well, you can charge any iOS and Android device that is equipped with the supplied receiver — a thin plate that plugs directly into the charging port on your device. The range is about 20 inches. At this distance, the charging speed is comparable with a USB 2.0 connection. Move your device closer, and the pace of charging accelerates.

“The MotherBox is the first wireless charging product that is truly wireless” — MotherBox IndieGoGo Campaign

Wireless Charging review

There is also a smaller version of the MotherBox, which is a backup battery that uses the same technology. The 7,000 mAh capacity isn’t massive, but the device is small enough to carry in your backpack. Wireless battery refills could be really useful for regular travelers.

What We ❤️

This is probably the most convenient charging solution currently available. The companion app gives you total control, and the receivers work with all micro USB, Lightning or USB-C devices. Plus, that truncated icosahedron shape is sooo cool.

[tweet_box]“This is probably the most convenient charging solution currently available.”[/tweet_box]

Room for Improvement

The range is still limiting, particularly on the Mini model. Additionally, Qi-compatible devices still need need to be fitted with the MotherBox receiver.

Wireless Charging

Availability and Price

MotherBox is now fully funded via IndieGoGo, although the page is still open for pre-orders. The full-size MotherBox will set you back $89 with one receiver included, while the Mini version is $99. The first units are scheduled to roll off the production line in August, ahead of shipping in September.

Would you upgrade to MotherBox-style wireless charging? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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