Nearbuds are the solution to tangled earbuds

Cables have a terrible habit of entwining into knots and unfathomable loops. These magnetic clips will help you restore some order.

Nearbuds are the solution to tangled earbuds
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  • What is the best way to stop earbuds getting tangled? The new Universal Nearbuds use strong magnetic clips to keep your earbuds untangled.

Every pair of earphones has only three main points of interest: the two earpieces and the jack. The cable is merely a messenger of music, transporting tunes from your phone to your ears.

Yet this length of plastic and metal causes all the problems. Most of us have experienced the irritation of tangled earbuds. Likewise, many other cables enjoy doing an impression of spaghetti. While cable ties can improve the situation, they don’t offer easy access.

In contrast, the Universal Nearbuds are effective and convenient. These magnetic clips hold the three key points of your headphones above the clutter of your desk, while the cable hangs below. You can also use them for anything else that tangles easily.

How to fix tangled earbuds

You will find many lifehacks regarding tangled earbuds. It’s a common problem, after all. Some people tie their cables in ingenious knots; others utilize paperclips in unusual ways. What links together all these “solutions” is that none of them works very well.

Because the Universal Nearbuds were designed specifically to solve the entanglement problem, they are far more successful. You can use them virtually anywhere, on pretty much any cable. They ensure that the ports or earpieces are easily accessible, with a slot that keeps the cable in check.

A new cable tidy

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Instant organization

We see many forms of cable management here at the Gadget Flow. The Universal Nearbuds are among the neater options we have encountered.

Each set comes with three magnetic clips and a self-adhesive steel disk. The clips simply snap on to your chosen cable, keeping a firm hold even when you are wearing your earphones.

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Stick them anywhere

To keep your earphones organized on the move, you just stick the magnetic clips together. They are made with neodymium, which offers impressive magnetic attraction. This means you can make your earbuds hang like a necklace, for example.

[tweet_box]Cables have a terrible habit of entwining into knots and unfathomable loops. These magnetic clips will help you restore some order. [/tweet_box]

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Control your cables

Alternatively, you can stick your magnets to the provided plate or any other suitable surface. This means you can keep your earphones close at hand on your computer monitor, or mount your in-car charging cable on the dash.

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Not just music

In addition, the Universal Nearbuds are small and stylish. They are light enough to avoid being a burden, and they are available in six eye-catching colors.

“Universal Nearbuds: Powerful magnetic storage clips that let you organize all your wires, cords, chargers and earphones in a snap!”

“We’ve been testing these magnets with all kinds of technology for several years. There are neodymium rare-earth magnets in most laptops and headphones already, and though they are powerful they won’t affect function.” — Nearbuds on Kickstarter

What we like

This new cable tidy system offers flexibility and convenience in equal measure. Furthermore, the design is far more effective than DIY solutions.

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Simple and stylish

Future predictions

Neodymium isn’t the lightest material, so it will be interesting to see whether these clips are truly feather-like.


– Kickstarter: Until July 27th

– Pledge: $18 USD

– Delivery: December 2018

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