MWC Barcelona 2024: flying taxis, bendable phones & so much more

MWC 2024 was full of bold, innovative devices and ideas. Check out what I saw, from 6G technology to a wrist-based, gesture-controled mouse!

MWC Barcelona 2024: flying taxis, bendable phones & so much more
MWC 2024 highlights from Gadget Flow

As chief business development officer (CBDO) of Gadget Flow, I love witnessing new tech releases to the consumer market. At MWC 2024, I got the chance to experience firsthand some of the latest ideas and innovations that will impact our lives in the future. Let me give you a sense of what the 2024 MWC in Barcelona was all about.

Paul from Gadget Flow at MWC 2024 with Honor

6G Talks have kickstarted

6G was on vendors’ minds at MWC 2024. The discussions point to a future where connectivity is much faster than current capabilities. We should see seamless, secure networks enhanced by AI integration and quantum security.

AI integration into online services

Google and Microsoft are spearheading AI integration into daily technology with smarter, more intuitive functionalities. Google will bring AI to its messaging service and caption creation. It also plans to set new standards for accessibility and user experience.

Then, Microsoft has committed to ethical AI using its AI Access principles. It supports a responsible approach to technology’s future.

Xiaomi electric vehicles

Apple has reportedly shut down its Project Titan, marking a retreat from its venture into auto manufacturing. However, Xiaomi entered the spotlight at MWC 2024 with its electric vehicle, the Xiaomi SU7.

Xiaomi SU7 is billed as a full-size high-performance eco-technology sedan. With the vehicle, the brand hopes to introduce new performance and a mobile smart space.

I find it fascinating how this move shows the diverse strategies tech giants can adopt within the automotive industry.

MWC Barcelona 2024: flying taxis, bendable phones & so much more
Xiaomi SU7 electric vehicle

Urban air taxis

Air taxis have been a topic of interest this year. We saw the XPeng AeroHT’s Land Aircraft at CES back in January. At MWC, I also witnessed the Joby Aviation air taxi created in collaboration with SK Telecom.

It’s a 5-seat aircraft and the world’s largest electric air cab. Boasting speeds up to 200 mph, it’s also quieter than a helicopter. Air Taxis like these have the potential to change the way people commute around urban centers.

MWC Barcelona 2024: flying taxis, bendable phones & so much more
Joby Aviation air taxi on a tarmac

Gadget Flow’s expertise: the coolest consumer tech

While it was nice to catch a glimpse of the future at the 2024 MWC in Barcelona, I also saw plenty of cool gadgets from our sector: consumer tech. Here are some of the best I saw.

HONOR Magic6 Pro

Experiencing the HONOR Magic6 Pro firsthand was like holding the future of smartphones. The device’s AI-driven capabilities and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor promise peak performance and an intuitive user experience.

I was impressed by the Falcon Camera System, with its 180 MP Telephoto Camera Lens. It captures stunning images, has an elegant design, and boasts the durable HONOR NanoCrystal Shield screen.

Motorola rollable concept phone

If you’ve ever fancied a phone that can wrap around your wrist, you’ll find the Motorola Adaptive Display concept phone exciting. Its flexible display can bend into different forms, including that of a phone stand.

It’s a fascinating look at the potential evolution of smartphone design and a hint that we may not have to buy separate stand for our phones in the future.

Motorola Adaptive Display
Motorola Adaptive Display on a person’s wrist

Nothing Phone (2a)

Officially launching today, the Nothing Phone (2a) also appeared at the 2024 MWC in Barcelona. The new phone is an affordable design that follows the success of the Nothing Phone 1 and Nothing Phone 2.

It features a few departures from the original phones. For starters, the camera layout is horizontal instead of vertical, and there’s a Mediatech processor instead of a Qualcomm one. Additionally, it uses plastic rather than metal for the case.

The phone is Nothing’s attempt to make itself more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

Samsung’s first smart ring

Samsung entered the smart ring market with its Galaxy Ring. It demonstrates how compact and efficient health and fitness tracking technology can be.

While testing the ring, I enjoyed its discreet design and comprehensive tracking capabilities—from heart rate monitoring to sleep analysis. It felt like a logical extension of the Samsung ecosystem.

Motorola Adaptive Display
Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring on a person’s finger

Xiaomi CyberDog 2

Interacting with Xiaomi’s CyberDog 2 at the 2024 MWC in Barcelona was nothing short of extraordinary. It combines agility, AI, and advanced robotics, allowing it to act as a reliable AI household companion.

CyberDog 2 has a friendlier face than its predecessor, and it integrates a whopping 19 sensors. These allow it to see, touch, and hear. And, of course, it fits into the XiaoAI system, so you can use it to control appliances like the TV, air conditioner, and vacuum cleaner.

Lenovo’s transparent display laptop concept

Another standout gadget was Lenovo’s transparent display laptop, Project Crystal. The 17.3″ MicroLED display is completely see-through and can superimpose digital data onto physical objects.

It’s sleek and cool—exactly what I’d expect gadgets to look like in the future. Sketching directly onto the nano-optical glass surface felt like a blend of artistry and sci-fi.

MWC Barcelona 2024: flying taxis, bendable phones & so much more
Lenovo Project Crystal on display

Displace wireless television

The Displace wireless television changes the home entertainment game. Its wireless design requires no cord or even a traditional power source. It can even stick to walls using a vacuum seal, reimagining how we think about television placement and aesthetics.

Meanwhile, the 55-inch 4K OLED display delivers stunning visuals. The company also plans to release a new Display Mini with a smaller 27″ screen size.

Plus, it could have an AI-powered shopping engine that allows users to buy products from adds and pay for them using a contactless payment reader.

Doublepoint’s WowMouse for Pixel Watch 2

Using the WowMouse app on the Pixel Watch 2 provided a new way to interact with technology. The app transforms the watch into a wrist-based mouse that works with tablets, phones, and even computers using simple gestures.

It takes wearable interactions to a whole new level. Plus, The WowMouse offers a new gesture-touch app that gives users a quick way to interact with AR/VR headsets.

I’m excited for what’s to come

At Gadget Flow, we’re passionate about discovering and showcasing tech that makes a difference in people’s lives. The advancements I saw at 2024 MWC in Barcelona underscore the exciting direction consumer technology is headed in. I can’t wait to see these products transition from concept to reality!

Meet Paul Panteleimonitis, an experienced sales manager at Gadget Flow Inc, known for his instrumental role in driving significant revenue growth for the company. Outside of work, he likes to channel his creativity by writing about his passion for crowdfunding, eCommerce marketing, and B2B sales on his blog. When not closing deals or writing, Paul enjoys spending time in the kitchen, whipping up delicious meals, or exploring the great outdoors.
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