Design the best workspace with these killer office accessories

Working at home is both a blessing and a curse. First, you get to design your own office to your specifications. Second, you have to design your own office. And unless you've been working at home for a while, you might not know just what you need. That's okay. Because we're old hats at it and we know which office accessories and furniture you need.

Design the best workspace with these killer office accessories
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I’ve been working from home for ten years now. Before that, I was working during the day in an office and doing side gigs in the evening from home. One thing I can tell you with certainty is that having a dedicated space and working set hours in that space makes all the difference. Otherwise, it’s too easy to get distracted by everything around you. There’s always some sort of chore around the house to be done, or there are pets demanding attention. It’s important to be able to block out the fact that you’re at home, as odd as that might sound. If you’re on a journey to create a killer workspace, these office accessories are just what you need.

Of course, we can’t choose your design aesthetic for you. My office has raspberry walls and a wall of black bookshelves. And I specifically chose my desk to fit in the corner and face the door so no one can sneak up on me. But you might not have a whole room to yourself, and you need to find your own smaller solution that fits in the living room. And wherever your desk is, you need to make sure it’s organized, because nothing distracts you like clutter. (Unless you’re my husband. He can work in a tsunami and be fine. When we shared an office it was clear whose side was whose.)

So, without further ado, check out the furniture and gear we think will help you design a killer workspace.

It’s all about the desk

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition Standing Desk

There have been a lot of studies that show standing improves your thinking abilities. It’s also better for your health. If you have space, the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition Standing Desk is a great choice. This sit-stand desk makes it easier to be active while you work, boosting your mood and energy level so you can stay focused and be more efficient. On the front is an easy to use four-button interface, letting you create four custom height presets. With a touch of a button, the SmartDesk 2 will transform to the exact height you need. And the SmartDesk 2 can support and lift up to 300 lbs.

GAZEDESK Flexible Standing Workstation

If you already have a desk you love, the GAZEDESK Flexible Standing Workstation might be a great solution for you. This desk is compatible with any existing worktop and gives you total customization. With a touch of a button, the GAZEDESK Workstation lifts your display up to 21.65 inches, making it perfect to go from sitting to standing. You can even take things a step further and customize your monitor. You can choose to tilt, swivel, or pivot to give you the best angle for posture and comfort. Likewise, you can also use the workstation with dual monitors for a streamlined workflow. At the base is an organizing tray to keep your smartphone or tablet upright and visible at all times.

FEZIBO Ergonomic Standing Desk Converter

With a variety of adjustments, the FEZIBO Ergonomic Standing Desk Converter allows you to find just the right spot. You can adjust this convertible standing desk to a minimum height of 4.5 inches and a maximum height of 19.3 inches. That allows you to sit or stand while working. And it’s easy to lift and lower—even with your computer on it—thanks to its spring operation.

Artifox Side Table with Storage

If you don’t have a dedicated office space and are looking to carve out your own space in the family room, living room, or bedroom, the Artifox Side Table with Storage is perfect to go with your desk or next to the couch. This storage table has dock storage on top to help you keep your phone, tablet, and other items organized. And all the cords plug in down below, so you still have easy access to them. It’s perfect to use anywhere you like to charge or plug your devices in and hide your office materials when you’re not using them.

Comfort is king

Autonomous Kinn Chair Full Range of Motion Office Chair

Your office chair will make or break you. Experience total comfort at your desk when you have the Autonomous Kinn Chair. This full range of motion office chair is more than just a chair; it’s an experience. Designed to the finest detail, this ergonomic office chair looks to the human spine for inspiration. Much like the spine, the Kinn Chair offers structural support, freedom of movement, and balance. It’s also frameless but responsive, meaning it dynamically adjusts to you. Even the headrest is made to cradle your head as well as your neck and shoulders.

iSkelter Comfy Lite Ergonomic Lap Desk

If you’re working on the couch, it’s important to have a lap desk. The iSkelter Comfy Lite Ergonomic Lap Desk can help ensure you still maintain good posture. This lap desk incorporates a built-in wrist pad that helps support your hands and arms while you’re typing. Designed for all your devices, this supportive lap desk has a spot for your laptop, mouse, and tablet or smartphone. And it’s ventilated to keep your computer running cool for hours on end. Additionally, the ventilation helps your lap from potential heat burns. So say goodbye to those red marks on your thighs.

RG VH Compact Quiet USB Desk Fan

Keep your cool while working with the RG VH Compact Quiet USB Desk Fan. Offering two speeds to help you stay cool, this desktop fan is superbly quiet, producing less than 40dB of noise. You have the choice between two fan speeds as well as a black or white exterior to match any space. Because it runs on USB for power, it can easily plug into your computer or laptop. You can even have it share the plug you use for your smartphone.

Mouzen™ Beautiful Ergonomic Armrest

This isn’t something people tend to think about, but once you’ve used one, you wonder how you ever did without. The Mouzen™ Beautiful Ergonomic Armrest combines ergonomic research with world-class engineering. This armrest doesn’t look anything like an armrest, and for good reason. Challenging the status quo of cumbersome and unsupportive armrests, Mouzen™ is optimally designed to place your hand and arm where you need while reducing shoulder tension. Installing in just six seconds with a single-mechanism lock clamp, Mouzen™ uses the ErgoFlow mechanism to allow you to move freely with total support. As a result, your arm can remain in a natural state while you remain in an upright posture.

It’s time to get organized

Floyd Shelving System Modular Shelf Unit

The Floyd Shelving System Modular Shelf Unit will fit any space. Whether you have a small studio apartment or large living space, this modular system will grow as your needs do. Conveniently, these modular shelves are super easy to put together. You don’t need lots of fancy tools or any helping hands. This system can hold up to 65 pounds per shelf. That should cover all your books and office supplies. Plus, you can easily anchor it to the wall for extra safety. Looking for a pop of color? Choose the forest green shelving unit.

Artifox Lift Multi-Level Desk Storage

The Artifox Lift Multi-Level Desk Storage makes sure you maximize your workspace. This raised desk storage is meant to hold your computer monitor, so it doesn’t take up space on your desk. You can also use it to hold things like notebooks, writing utensils, and decor. The great part is that it also creates space underneath it. This added space is perfect for housing your keyboard, mouse, and other items.

Baseus Magnetic Cable Organizer

Tired of having your cables plummeting into the abyss behind your desk? Use the Baseus Magnetic Cable Organizer to keep them right where you need them. Whenever you unplug your laptop, you take the risk of having your charging cable slide right off your desk. If you’re lucky, it’ll go to the side. If you’re unlucky, it disappears seemingly forever. This office accessory features three magnetic clips that attach to your cables. Then, the clips remain on the magnetic strip. When you unplug, the cable can still slide away, but the clips and strip will catch them. As a result, the connectors are always within reach, even if you let them go.

Proper iPad Pivot Stand Swiveling Tablet Holder

With the Proper iPad Pivot Stand Swiveling Tablet Holder, you can make more use of your iPad. This hands-free stand allows you to keep your iPad in full view. If you like to use your iPad for calendar reference or communication on your desk, this stand ensures it’s where you need it. Plus, this stand gives you optimal flexibility. Especially if you’re using your iPad as a dual monitor or as a reference tool while you work. It even makes it easy to take Skype meetings on it while working on your computer.

Silica Gel Pastel Flexible Cable Tidy

Keep your cables organized with the Silica Gel Pastel Flexible Cable Tidy. This cable tidy features a premium material for durability and longevity. The silica gel allows it to conform around the shape of your cables, no matter which one you’re storing. Also, the cable tidy functions much like a zip tie. Unlike other cable tidies with a one-size-fits-all approach, this one caters to your needs. It’s perfect to use it for charging cables as well as laptop cables. For the longer cables, you can bundle more and use the larger setting.

Twelve South Fermata Wireless Headphone Charging Stand

Most of us work with ANC headphones. And with the Twelve South Fermata Wireless Headphone Charging Stand, you don’t have to use your computer to power up your headset. Instead, this charging stand uses an internal power cable. So even if your wireless headphones didn’t come with a charger, you can still get them to full battery. This desktop headphone charging stand also has another USB port in the base that you can use for your smartphone.

You can’t work at home without tech

Netgear AX6000 Orbi WiFi 6 System

WiFi 6 is where it’s at. Do everything without the lag when you have the Netgear AX6000 Orbi WiFi 6 System. This tri-band system is all about super-speeds, no matter where you are in your home or office. Whether you’re browsing on your phone, laptop, or tablet, this system offers wireless speeds up to a whopping 6 Gbps. This speed isn’t limited to typical devices. These speeds also extend to your smart TV and gaming console. With speeds this fast, you can enjoy high-quality 4K or even 8K UHD content. Impressively, Orbi WiFi 6 can handle up to 100 devices on the same network. Not enough for you? It can also handle 20 streams simultaneously. There isn’t a home or office that will outdo this Wi-Fi system.

Beats by Dre Solo Pro Noise-Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

Working with headphones is a must for many of us. We have to be able to block out the noise so we can concentrate on what we’re doing. Even at home. The Beats by Dre Solo Pro Noise-Canceling Over-Ear Headphones offer a couple of new features. First, they charge using a Lightning cable. This helps it more easily integrate with your other Apple devices. On top of that, these full-size headphones offer active noise-cancelation technology. ANC means that these Beats headphones respond to your environment. These noise-canceling headphones can tell whether you’re at a loud event or in a quiet office just trying to focus.

LumiCharge II Multifunctional Smart LED Lamp

Do more right from your desk with the LumiCharge II Multifunctional Smart LED Lamp. Offering a fully dimmable LED light source complete with a motion sensor, you can also choose between white, soft white, and soft yellow light color options. But, this clever desk lamp is more than meets the eye. At the base is a convenient charging area for your smartphone. This all-new design features easy Qi wireless charging. The LumiCharge II also works with USB-C, Lightning, and micro USB devices. The front features a sleek display for the time, date, and even temperature. Best of all? LumiCharge II also has programmed daylight savings so you can be sure the display is always correct.

Are you ready to get shopping for office accessories and furniture now? I promise, once you have your office set up better, you’ll get more work done. It makes all the difference. Do you work fully remote and have a dedicated home office? What can you not live without?

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