Organicer is the secret to a productive week

Halfway between a paper planner and a digital calendar, Organicer offers the best of both worlds. This beautiful planner lets you manage your schedule on paper and sync the whole thing to your phone for mobile access.

Organicer is the secret to a productive week
  • How can technology help me stay organized? Take a look through our collection of smart organizers and neat storage for some inspiration!
  • When is the best time to plan your week? Try to make a plan at the weekend. Creating a schedule on Monday morning will stop you being productive.
  • What is the best paper planner? We are impressed by Organicer, a new smart planner that syncs with your phone.

In making the switch from paper planners to digital calendars, we have gained many great features. But somewhere along the line, we have also left behind some really useful qualities. Nowhere in Google Calendar can you scribble little diagrams or check your schedule without being distracted by Words with Friends notifications.

Organicer is a new planner that has been designed to bridge the divide between the physical and digital worlds. This beautiful book lets you keep track of upcoming events and tasks on paper, but access everything on your phone.

What’s the secret to a productive week?

In her book, What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend, Laura Vanderkam notes that many successful professionals and entrepreneurs like to plan out their week in advance. This allows them to fill each free time slot with a suitable task.

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Paper planner, digital calendar

Of course, no-one wants to spend Sunday night staring at Calendars. But with Organicer, planning your week feels more like jotting down your thoughts.

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Space for writing

This beautifully designed planner offers multiple layouts to help you manage your time effectively — including weekly, monthly and yearly planners. In addition, Organicer lets you create a to-do list and track your progress towards forming new, positive habits.

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Create your daily checklist

You get half a page for each day’s entry, with space both for events and notes. Organicer also provides a neat checklist to help you get things done.

[tweet_box]Halfway between a paper planner and a digital calendar, Organicer offers the best of both worlds. [/tweet_box]

Once you have put ink to paper, you can quickly scan the new entries with your phone. The companion Organicer app offers all the great features of the physical edition, plus some neat extras.

Digital calendar

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App happy

It’s this digital link that makes Organicer stand out from the dozens of paper planners already available.

Each section of the book has an equivalent section in the companion app, which is available on iOS and Android. To update the app with your latest entries, you simply take a quick snap of the page, including the printed QR codes.

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Scan your scribbles

The Organicer app keeps your original doodles and handwritten notes, while extracting time and date information. Furthermore, you can categorize your to-do lists and edit your notes digitally.

“Organicer is a smart planner that elevates note taking to a whole new level by bridging the gap between your hand-written and digital notes. By capturing your daily handwritten plan with the Organicer app, you can check, change or mark tasks on the go without carrying a planner with you.” — Organicer on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

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Beautiful planner

Organicer combines the convenience of a digital calendar with the tactile feel of pen on paper. The book is also beautifully designed, with plenty of room for your notes.

Desktop version?

The one upgrade we would like to see on the digital side is a desktop version. While a mobile app is fine most of the time, it might be easier to see a full week on your laptop.


– Kickstarter: November 6th

– Pledge: $33 USD

– Delivery: December 2018

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