Panasonic GN01 will dramatically improve your gaming experience—here’s how

Do you want to enjoy surround sound without having to use headphones? Maybe your gaming space isn't big enough for a full sound system. No worries, gamer friends! The Panasonic GN01 neck speaker might just be what you're looking for. Read on to learn more about this cool new gaming gadget.

Panasonic GN01 will dramatically improve your gaming experience—here’s how
Panasonic’s GN01 neck speaker is a surround-sound wearable

There are lots of different ways you can experience the lush soundscapes of your favorite video games. These soundscapes, along with incredible audio effects, can be quite immersive for players. What makes the experience even more immersive is the way in which you listen.

From regular TV speakers to surround sound setups to headphones, there are plenty of options. Now, there’s a new way to listen: the Panasonic GN01 surround sound neck speaker. It’s a wearable 4-channel device that delivers realistic 3D sound. Let’s check this cool new neck speaker out for ourselves, shall we?

Panasonic GN01 will dramatically improve your gaming experience—here’s how
The GN01 is crafted by Panasonic and FFXIV audio

Immersive surround sound experience

The GN01 is designed to be worn around your neck and provides surround sound while you game. It almost looks like a neck pillow rather than a speaker, but looks can be deceiving. The shape creates a foundation for speakers that project sound from all directions. This way, you’re front and center as you immerse yourself further into the game world.

Not everyone enjoys wearing headphones while they game, nor do they have the budget or space for a full sound system. With the GN01, gamers will have the opportunity to try something different.

Comfortable for extended gameplay sessions

An obvious question that comes to mind is whether or not the device is comfortable. Panasonic makes sure to provide a product that answers those questions with a resounding yes. The thoughtfully designed neck speaker fits comfortably around your shoulders and doesn’t block your ears.

Panasonic also states that the device is made with extended play sessions in mind, so don’t sweat it if you plan on gaming for hours. You’ll be comfortable doing so.

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Excellent sound quality with multiple game modes

So the surround sound functions well and the device is comfortable to wear, but what about the quality of the sound itself? Well, not only is the sound quality great, but there are also 3 different gaming modes that make it even better! These sound modes are co-developed by the same sound team used by Final Fantasy XIV Online, ensuring some superior craftsmanship is involved.

The three gaming modes include RPG, First-Person Shooter, and Voice. Each of these modes puts a special focus on particular types of sound that’s imperative to that style of gameplay. For example, Voice mode enhances human voices for games with lots of dialogue, while First-Person Shooter mode brings out those finer details like approaching footsteps and distant gunshots.

Panasonic GN01 will dramatically improve your gaming experience—here’s how
The GN01 features a simple, yet comfortable design

Solid alternative for enjoying video game audio

Options are always nice to have, and that’s exactly what Panasonic brings gamers with the GN01 neck-speaker. While it may look gimmicky at first glance, it honestly makes perfect sense. It provides sound from all directions while being worn comfortably. This is perfect for those who dislike headphones and when regular TV speakers just don’t cut it. Plus, the various game modes are also a nice touch.

It’s also worth mentioning that Panasonic includes dual microphones capable of high-performance noise and echo canceling so that the speakers don’t interfere while you talk to your buddies. There’s even a 9-foot USB cable so you can play plugged in, eliminating the delay in sound responses. What more could you ask for?

The Panasonic GN01 neck speaker is coming soon. You can learn more about it on the official website.

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