Secure your private data with the Pangolin cybersecurity device

Smartphones are one of the best inventions ever. Hands down. But having a computer at our fingertips twenty-four hours a day means we're exposed twenty-four hours a day. And while home is supposed to be our safe space, without the proper network security, it can be one of the most dangerous places.

Secure your private data with the Pangolin cybersecurity device
Plug and Play use makes it easier than ever to protect yourself with Pangolin

If you’re anything like us here at Gadget Flow, you’ve likely surrounded yourself with tech. After all, gadgets make everything better and easier. But that “better and easier” comes with a price—your security. The Pangolin cybersecurity device is the solution to all the cyber threats you face.

Every device and app you bring into your home comes with a set of risks. Criminals know those risks, and they exploit them. They can access your home security devices to see your video records and location. They can access your voice assistant to retrieve sound recordings, shopping lists, your location, and personal information. Your smart appliances have all of your financial information on them.

cybersecurity device for protection

This small device packs a punch—and a whole lot of security features

And we haven’t even touched on your computer or laptop, your smartphone, your tablets, and your smart watch. (Let’s not think about those baby cams. It’s a thing. Promise.)

How does this network security device work?

Pangolin has made it easier than ever to protect yourself with their network security device. All you have to do is take four simple steps and you’re protected: Download the free app to access and control your Pangolin. Plug the Pangolin device into your router. Receive alerts about threats immediately. Control your preferences through the app.

As soon as you plug Pangolin in, it starts working by running a security assessment over your network to all devices connected to that network. Pangolin continues to constantly assess your network and all activity on it, scanning for threats. Once a threat is detected, Pangolin blocks it and alerts you via the app. Pangolin takes it one step further by sending the information to a curated block list. All Pangolins are then updated with that threat information.

Pangolin protects all devices

Any device connected to your home network is protected. Smart light bulbs? Protected. Your baby cam? Protected. Your Alexa? Protected. Your smart TV? Protected. Any device that runs on your Wi-FI is protected from threats with this internet security device.

Pangolin protects devices against malware and ransomware, malware propagation, resource hijacking, phishing, data theft, and spying. Your personal, private information is safe with Pangolin. With the amount of credit card and Social Security information being stolen on a regular basis, any added protection is necessary.

Spend more time with your loved ones

With so much technology surrounding us, it can be hard to disconnect. Rather than sitting down for a meal together and focusing on loved ones and conversation, we’re glancing at our phones or smart watches. Messages are popping up, and there are dings for new emails. Not to mention all of the social media alerts. Someone loved your picture. Someone replied to your post. Twitter is on fire again.

Unless you have supreme willpower, it can be hard to ignore the constant barrage of notifications. Do you struggle to get your children and teens to put their devices away? Kids are constantly connected too. Family dinners have become a thing of the past for many people, and getting your kids to stay off their devices while they are supposed to be doing their homework is a fight no parent enjoys.

cybersecurity device fits anywhere

Pangolin protects any device connected to your home Wi-Fi network

Pangolin provides  internet breaks, which can be vital in today’s highly connected environment. Once you’re inside the app, you can set specific times on specific days of the week for certain devices to not be able to access the home network. This make it perfect to keep your kids focused during family dinner time or homework time.

This internet security device also provides parental controls. You’re able to set specific parameters to keep your kids from viewing certain things. If you’re using Pangolin in the office, you can block certain sites and apps to keep your employees focused and not wasting time on the company dime.

This cybersecurity device comes packed with features

Sometimes people don’t know better, and they click on pop-up ads. Many of them look legitimate now and can trick even the most savvy of internet users. And we all know kids click on anything. Pangolin’s ad and tracking blockers will keep you safe from those pesky scam ads that inundate many websites.

Not only does Pangolin provide a secure network for you, it comes with a whole host of added features. There are bandwidth allocation controls and anti-buffer bloat technology. You’ll also receive port scanning and security, a security dashboard, and it works with gigabit networks.

Don’t want a black piece of hardware? For $10 more, you have your choice of three other color choices: white, white and orange, and orange.

What we ❤️

Setting up security on your home network can be difficult if you don’t have experience or aren’t the most technically minded. With the plug and play aspect of this cybersecurity device, it’s so easy to protect yourself. You won’t need to worry about the intricacies of setting up a VPN or buying firewall subscriptions year after year.

cybersecurity device is small

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that cyber threats to your home are being blocked

It automatically protects every device on your home network. You don’t have to worry about if you missed something. If it’s on your Wi-Fi, it’s protected. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

All threats are sent to Pangolin, so you’re protected against threats that might occur in the future. How awesome is that?

What we’d ❤️ to see in future designs

This device is pretty darn great. We’d love to see an alternate color other than orange and black, though, if we’re talking about color options. White as a standard option rather than an extra-cost option would be pretty awesome, too.

Protect yourself and buy now

If the Pangolin cybersecurity device sounds like something for you—and it should—you can grab yours on the Kickstarter. For the early bird price of only $149, you’ll receive the device and lifetime support. That’s right, lifetime. Pangolin’s competitors cost hundreds of dollars more and don’t offer all of the services Pangolin does. So what are you waiting for?

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