Preserve your perfect smile in 6 seconds with UNOBRUSH

In the morning rush or during the day, it’s easy to miss out the chores of dental hygiene. But with UNOBRUSH, you can clean your teeth in just 6 seconds. It’s the easy way to maintain that perfect smile.

Preserve your perfect smile in 6 seconds with UNOBRUSH
  • How often should you brush your teeth? The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice daily.
  • How long should you brush your teeth for? This depends on your method, but 3 minutes should be long enough.
  • What is the quickest way to brush your teeth? Thanks to sonic vibrations and a unique foam mouthpiece, UNOBRUSH™ can clean your teeth in just 6 seconds.

Watching movie stars walk the red carpet, you’d think that a gleaming smile was a universal birthright. In reality, it takes a lot of effort to maintain that radiant white glow.

While actors have the time to brush morning, noon and night, the rest of us have to squeeze dental hygiene into our packed schedules. All too often, it gets forgotten or postponed.

But you have no excuse with UNOBRUSH™. This innovative new device uses sonic pulses to scrub away the plaque and kill bacteria. The best part? It takes just 6 seconds to complete a full clean.

How does UNOBRUSH™ work?

It must be said, UNOBRUSH™ is nothing like a regular toothbrush. So, how does it work?

UNOBRUSH™ is made up of two parts. One half holds the motor and battery; the other is a mouthpiece.

[tweet_box]In the morning rush or during the day, it’s easy to miss out the chores of dental hygiene. But with UNOBRUSH™, you can clean your teeth in just 6 seconds.[/tweet_box]

Preserve your perfect smile in 6 seconds with UNOBRUSH

UNBRUSH uses a special soft mouthpiece for total coverage

The part that goes in your mouth is made from a special material called UNOfoam™. This is a type of high-density polyurethane that has tiny little ridges on the surface. This abrasive texture causes just enough friction to scrub away plaque, without harming your dentine. In addition, UNOBRUSH™ stimulates and protects your gums. This helps prevent unwanted conditions such as gingivitis.

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In just 6 seconds, UNOBRUSH™ provides an instant clean

The brushing process is completely automatic, with sonic pulses delivered by an electric motor. These vibrations allow UNOBRUSH™ to do the work of a regular brush in a fraction of the time.

Total dental hygiene

No brush, however sophisticated, can reach every nook and cranny of your mouth. But UNOBRUSH™ gets pretty close. Thanks to 3D mapping and that special UNOfoam™ material, this device covers 99.9% of tooth surfaces.

Furthermore, UNOBRUSH™ uses Fluid-Wave technology to push toothpaste between every tooth and even below the gumline.

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The UNOBRUSH™ docking station uses UV light to kill germs

Once you have finished cleaning, you simply place your UNOBRUSH™ inside the supplied docking station. This both charges the device and sanitizes it using UV light. As a result, your UNOBRUSH™ is always immaculate when you need a quick clean.

“UNOBRUSH™ solves every problem that regular toothbrushes have, caring for your teeth 2X better in a hassle-free manner. It cleans every single tooth’s surface and interproximal crevices in six seconds, applying the perfect amount of friction and pressure to achieve a 99.9% clean, thereby liberating you from the hassles of our twice-a-day toothbrushing routine.” — UNOBRUSH™ on Kickstarter

The perfect smile

This device makes brushing your teeth as easy as using mouthwash. What’s more, it will keep your teeth in better condition.

Travel plans?

With the docking station, this brush isn’t the best for travel. But if you’re away from home for some time, it’s small enough to take along.


– Kickstarter: Until November 22nd

– Pledge: $54 USD

– Delivery: May 2019

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