Pocket-sized drones to get those Insta-worthy aerial shots

If you're anywhere on the internet right now, you're seeing some pretty amazing drone pictures and footage. You might not have ever thought about getting a drone before, but now you want in on the action because your standard camera or your smartphone camera just isn't cutting it. If you've been thinking about dipping your toes in and getting a UAV, a pocket-sized drone is a great place to start out.

Pocket-sized drones to get those Insta-worthy aerial shots
AIR PIX Pocket-Sized Aerial Camera in Use with a Group of People

All you have to do is Google “coronavirus drones,” and a plethora of stories and information comes up. Sure, there are the ones none of us are too jazzed about, like countries using drones to surveil people in parks and other public areas. The last thing any of us wants is a voice coming from the sky telling us we’re doing something wrong. We totally understand why it’s happening and why it’s important to make sure people are practicing physical distancing in public spaces right now, but it’s still a bit … unnerving, to say the least. On the other hand, there are some people with pocket-sized drones and the like doing some pretty awesome stuff.

Some people have decided to use a drone to walk the dog. Some people are attempting to drone date long distance and have a meet-cute that could either go really good and, well, cute, or super bad. And there is some absolutely amazing footage of empty cities that’s both eerie and beautiful at the same time.

Are you looking to tap into a new line of creativity? We have some great starter pocket-size drones for you. (Starter, since we all know that as soon as you start, you’re going to want to size up and do even more.)

DJI Mavic Mini Compact Handheld Drone

If you’ve been dissuaded from drones because they’re bulky and intrusive, the DJI Mavic Mini Compact Handheld Drone changes that. Weighing just 249 grams, or about a half a pound, this small drone folds up to only five inches long. And because this DJI drone is so small and lightweight, it doesn’t need FAA registration, making it great for beginners. However, this compact drone isn’t just ideal for beginning drone enthusiasts. In fact, if you’re an aspiring influencer but haven’t been able to take a larger drone on your travels, this flycam makes that easier. And it produces 12-megapixel photos and 2.7K Quad HD video.

SHIFT RED Compact Drone

The SHIFT RED Compact Drone integrates into your normal life with ease. This is because it has a simple controller that you hold with one hand and navigate with your thumb. By not requiring two hands, this small drone allows you to move about while you control it. So you can continue riding your skateboard while the SHIFT RED follows you along. And when you fold it up, this little drone measures about 115 by 115 millimeters, making it easy to pack up in your backpack. Finally, you can even stream real-time footage with this portable drone, and it’ll transmit stable video.

Beagle Neo 2 Fully Immersive Drone

See the world through the eyes of your drone with the Beagle Neo 2 Fully Immersive Drone. This device comes with first-person view goggles so you can see exactly what the camera on the drone sees. This truly immersive experience is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Beagle Neo 2 features Boost Mode, which adds exceptional power to such a small device. In addition, you can fly this drone indoors or outdoors to see the entire world with a real-time view. With a 400-foot transmission distance, you get a live view of it all right through the goggles. And for those without loads of experience, Beagle Neo 2 has you covered. Thanks to flexible propeller guards, this drone can bounce off objects and carry on flying without missing a beat.

Autel Robotics EVO Compact Foldable Drone

Use a drone that adapts to any situation with the Autel Robotics EVO Compact Foldable Drone. Capturing 4K 60fps ultra HD video and 12MP photos, this foldable drone features an industry-leading camera mounted on a three-axis stabilized gimbal. In addition, you can access HD live view and autonomous flight modes using the Explorer app on your device. Complete with dual GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning and advanced computer vision systems, EVO effortlessly avoids obstacles for a stable and safe experience. Additionally, EVO comes with an intuitive remote controller featuring one-touch action buttons and a 3.3-inch OLED display.

AIR PIX Pocket-Sized Aerial Camera

The AIR PIX Pocket-Sized Aerial Camera will change your selfie game. This small aerial camera can fly to capture the best photos you’ve had, even if you have a large group. It’s like having your own personal photographer with you everywhere you go. This pocket-sized aerial camera is smaller than the iPhone X, so it’s easy to keep in your pocket. And you won’t sacrifice quality, either, as it captures Full HD videos and has a 12-megapixel camera. Additionally, this mini aerial camera can recognize your face, which means it will follow you during a video. When you land the perfect trick, your friends can follow you during a video and iOS users can even livestream to their Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Tello Small Toy Drone

Have fun flying an impressive tiny drone that both kids and adults can enjoy with the Tello Small Toy Drone. Aside from being fun to fly, Tello helps you learn about drones through coding education. It can also perform flips in up to eight directions and shoot high-quality videos with EZ Shots. You don’t even need any prior experience to use Tello. Simply take out your phone and connect to the app to start flying it anytime, anywhere thanks to its intuitive controls. In addition, Tello comes with DJI flight technology to guarantee stable flights. Tello provides a flight time of 18 minutes and a flight distance of 100 meters.

Parrot Mambo FPV Camera Drone

Enjoy first-person view with the Parrot Mambo FPV Camera Drone. Offering three innovative flying modes, this device allows you to turn into an FPV drone racing pilot. With the Mambo FPV, Easy mode keeps your drone in the air even if you give up the controls. Drift mode turns off the horizontal stabilization, allowing you to make tight turns. In addition, Racing mode gives you complete control over the FPV camera drone without assisting with stabilization in any way. 

Have we convinced you to get a drone yet? Because you know that your dog wants to meet the other dog a few yards away and you’re going to need help setting up a playdate. Or what about delivering notes and well-wishes to your neighbors? There’s a ton of stuff you can do with your drone other than take pictures … but we all know that pictures and video are the best part. What are you going to do with your pocket-sized drone? Let us know!

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