ProBASE makes it easy to charge and sync your devices

Your laptop has ports for a reason, but it’s easy to become tangled in cables. While hubs can make a difference, this monitor/laptop stand is the ultimate solution.

ProBASE makes it easy to charge and sync your devices
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  • Rumor has it that the new MacBook Pro will arrive in April, complete with an Intel six-core i9 processor.
  • In the meantime, ProBASE HD will help you get the most out of your Apple laptop. This innovative monitor stand lets you connect multiple devices to your MacBook via one USB-C cable.

Productivity is about more than simply avoiding Facebook and working hard. You can quite easily spend a morning dedicated to emails, yet find that no actual progress has been made. Equally, productivity is linked to organization. Physical clutter can cause mental clutter, leaving less space for your best work. ProBASE HD hopes to solve the last of these problems by tidying up all your cables. The sleek device works as a monitor shelf or a laptop stand, with loads of built-in ports. It’s the ideal way to charge devices and connect hard drives without getting tangled.

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Zero clutter

Instant connection

When everyone still used tower PCs, cable spaghetti wasn’t really an issue. The ports were inaccessible, but this meant that the cables were kept tucked away. As a result, your desk would remain fairly uncluttered.

But today, many of us work on laptops. These machines are designed to be portable, but you can find yourself unplugging multiple cables each day when you need to move.

ProBase HD fixes this problem by acting as a go-between. You simply connect all your peripherals, hard drives and charging devices to the hub. You can then connect everything to your MacBook via one Lightning cable. What’s more, the ProBASE HD can actually charge your Apple laptop at the same time.

Apple design

On first inspection, you would be forgiven for thinking that ProBASE is actually an Apple product. The brushed aluminum finish mimics the fascia of an iMac and the unibody shell of modern MacBooks.

This is befitting, given that the ProBASE stand is designed specifically for the MacBook Pro and related accessories.

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Sleek design

Sync and charge devices

The ProBASE HD offers three regular USB 3.0 ports and two USB-C connections for data transfers (one in, one out). There’s also one 100W USB Power Delivery port, which takes power straight from your MagSafe charger.

Should you choose to place a monitor on top of the ProBase HD, you can take advantage of the HDMI 4K port. This is tucked underneath the stand, meaning your monitor cable stays out of the melee.

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The ideal monitor stand

[tweet_box]ProBASE is the ultimate desktop hub for your peripherals, hard drives, and charging devices.[/tweet_box]

As mentioned previously, all of these ports are connected to your laptop via a single cable. Compared with detaching and reattaching five cables every morning, this is super convenient.

Extra storage

In addition, the ProBASE actually makes your desk seem bigger. You can easily store your keyboard underneath the stand, and there’s a hidden drawer for small items.

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Extra storage

At around $198, this isn’t the cheapest USB/HDMI hub around. That said, you get what you pay for in terms of style and functionality.

“With the power plugged in, all USB ports support charging even when your computer is not around or not turned on.…ProBASE also features a larger current supply than most of the dongles on the market for charging your device.” — MonitorMate

Impressive features

ProBASE really does act as a connectivity hub on your desk, without taking up any extra space. It’s also the only monitor stand we know of that supports 4K resolution.

Future upgrades

Although the stand offers many ports, it would be nice if you could create your own configuration. Perhaps this kind of modular design could be added in a future version.


– Order now: via MonitorMate

– Price: approx. $198 USD

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