Samsung Level Over is the Answer to Beats: Does It Succeed in Usurping the King of the Headphones?

Samsung Level Over is the Answer to Beats: Does It Succeed in Usurping the King of the Headphones?

Beats is a fantastic phenomenon in the world of electronics. Simply by branding and marketing, not necessarily quality, Beats became the single biggest name in the headphones industry. I worked at Best Buy recently and no matter what the Sales Consultants told the customers about quality and value of other brands, the customers would always gravitate towards Beats, simply because they recognized the name and knew that they were the best looking option on the market. No other brand has even come close with branding and quality but, to be fair, not many companies has tried direct competition. That is, until now. Samsung, in true fashion, has decided to try something new in the hopes that it will stick. However, it looks as though Samsung put some serious thought and quality into their new line of headphones and I’m pretty impressed.



At first glance, the new Samsung Level Over (Level being the name of the headphones, Over signifying over the ear and consequently, there’s a Level On set) is an excellent looking pair of headphones. They come in all black or white with beige cushioning that look incredibly enticing. They scream quality and perfection, they look high class. In fact, I’d say they look better than the Beats’ offering. Not only do they have the good looks, they have ample cushioning all over that will make them comfortable to wear for long periods of time which, if you’re looking at headphones in this range, are exactly what you need.



One of the key components of the Beats comparable product has active noise reduction. The Level Over also has ANR but seems to improve on it to outclass Beats at its own game. The ANR coupled with the overall better sound of the Level gives you a better product for the same price. Add to that the Bluetooth capability, optional wired use, earpiece controls that you can adjust music and answer the phone, you basically have Samsung’s slightly improved version of Beats’ Studio Wireless.

In the end, this isn’t an impulse (for most people) purchase due to the price point. Therefore, anyone searching for a premium, daily use headphones will almost definitely consider all the options and do the appropriate research. Without a doubt, the Level Over should be the new king of premium over the ear Bluetooth headphones because they do everything the Beats do, except better and for the same price.

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