SimplifiKeychain Is the Easy Way to Organize Your Keys

SimplifiKeychain Is the Easy Way to Organize Your Keys

You might not consider your bunch of keys to be a problem. But invest a little thought, and you may realize that this storage system is far from perfect. Finding the right key after dark is virtually impossible. Placing your keychain in your pants pocket is a shortcut to leg trauma. Even the sound of metal on metal is pretty annoying after a while. SimplifiKeychain fixes each of these problems at one pass. The device holds your keys flat against one another. As a result, your keys are easier to access and more comfortable to carry.

– Patent pending design keeps your keys organized and compact

– Hinge allows your keys to fan out like playing cards for easy access

– Adjustable clip lets you store up to 7 keys, with an attachment for your car key

Organize Your Keys

Back in the 16th century, a circular metal ring seemed like pretty advanced technology. It provided an easy way to carry your keys from a chain attached to your belt. The wearer would make enough noise to wake the dead, but at least they could always unlock their front door.

Five hundred years later, most of us are still using metal rings. It must be time for an upgrade, surely? While metal keys are still in service, SimplifiKeychain is probably the best way to carry them.

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Thanks to a clever, patent pending design, this keychain holds your keys flat. This storage method is much more compact than a traditional bunch. Furthermore, your keys are less likely to scratch other items in your bag (or gouge your leg).

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New Designs

We have featured numerous keychains in recent years. Most have approached the problems mentioned above in a similar vein. What makes SimplifiKeychain stand out is the clip that holds your keys.

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There are no screws to tighten or washers to lose. You don’t even need any tools to assemble this keychain. You simply slide each key over the C-shaped hook, and insert the spacer. This system keeps your keys lined up, ready for the next lock.

When you need to unlock something, the keys fan out like playing cards. Because they always remain in the same order, you can find the right key in complete darkness.

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Lightweight Load

Your SimplifiKeychain comes with two clips. One supports up to four keys, while the other can manage seven. This capacity may be too small for some, but the simplicity will appeal to other users. You can use the supplied spacer to carry exactly the number of keys you require.

SimlifiKeychain organize your keys

In addition, you can slip in the optional USB stick or attach your car key via a regular ring. In other words, this keychain is a very versatile device.

“I believe that a Keychain should be as simple as possible, but not so simple as to be stripped of the most important features that make it complete. From a mere vision, I was able to bring this new Keychain idea to life. During the process, it always seemed impossible until it worked. It took me almost three years to refine this Keychain, making countless prototypes and adjustments, and eliminating all the imperfections, until I got it to look simple and function flawlessly.” — Hadi Makhoul on Kickstarter

What We ❤️

A simple, elegant solution to a very old problem. Furthermore, the keychain prevents key-based leg injuries for good.

Future Designs

A slightly more refined look, perhaps with soft protection, would add to the SimplifiKeychain design.


– Kickstarter: Until October 22nd

– Pledge: $25 USD

– Delivery: December 2017

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