Skinners – Revolutionary Ultraportable Footwear with Silver

Skinners – Revolutionary Ultraportable Footwear with Silver

To enhance our performance, move faster and go farther, man has invented a lot of special kinds of footwear: rollerblades, cycling shoes, cleats, climbing shoes, heavy-duty hiking boots, etc. But all too often this footwear is so specialized that we are forced to sacrifice on comfort, convenience, and even safety. To overcome the limits, Skinners was created, and a new vision for footwear comfort was born.

Skinners offer all the comfort and convenience of socks with the protection of regular shoes. Don’t think it’s possible? Well, it certainly wasn’t without some ingenuity. The team behind Skinners adapted and developed many technologies to make it possible. It begins with mesh ventilation zones for more breathability.


Next is the antibacterial yarn combined with pure silver to reduce odor. High tech viscose threading keeps your feet cool and comfortable while the waterproof underside, enhanced toe protection, and anti abrasive double layer protects your feet from possible obstacles.


The result is a durable and ultra portable foot covering that is also machine washable. Truly, Skinners is the most advanced foot protection ever made. However, please remember: Skinners are partly puncture and cut resistant and provide basic protection to your feet. Skinners are not a full-time substitute for regular footwear. They are not recommended for extreme conditions or environments where you would not walk barefoot. Wear them at the office, while you’re running, hiking, traveling, rollerblading or even yoga. Check out Skinners on Kickstarter; they’re going fast so be sure to order soon and receive the bag and!

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