Is technology changing the face of fashion?

Setting yourself apart with fashion is nothing new. Whether it's the latest brand or design, the idea of staying ahead of the curve will always be evolving. But, now, trends are taking a turn as technology becomes the new face of fashion.

Is technology changing the face of fashion?

Fashion is not about utility. An accessory is merely a piece of iconography used to express individual identity.

That iconic quote from The Devil Wears Prada highlights something very essential that makes this multibillion-dollar industry grow at a rapid pace. From big brands to small startups, we have been embracing these products not just for comfort but also for expressing who we are. As cliché as it sounds, your clothes do define your personality. Technology, on the other hand, is all about enhancing our way of living. Naturally, when these two connect, you can only expect an unbelievable experience. Whether it’s drones walking the runway or shoes sharing your thoughts, the fashion industry has been going gaga over technology recently.

Drone carrying handbags by Dolce & Gabbana on the ramp

Drone carrying handbags by Dolce & Gabbana on the ramp

A more customized experience

Ever since fashion e-commerce brands got to incorporate technology in their shopping experience, it’s been easy for consumers to get what they want. In other words, getting personalized apparel is way more affordable than ever before. Augmented reality has also been changing the face of retail and fashion for the past year. In fact, insights from Google say that 34% of users will use AR while shopping and 61% would prefer to shop in stores that offer AR. Why so? It’s because AR allows you visualize your purchase decisions in the real world. Imagine trying out a dress before buying it in a store. Augmented reality fashion apps give you that same experience online. And, that’s not the only thing fashion tech brings for customized shopping.

Apparently, Chinese contract manufacturer Tianyuan Garments Company is working on a plant in Little Rock, Arkansas that will be manned by sewbots. As told in the report:

These are robots that can manufacture clothing; in this case t-shirts for German company Adidas, incredibly fast. The bots can cut and sew a new shirt every 22 seconds from very soft and flexible fabric. This was something that was impossible to conceive a few years ago. The designs can also be changed very swiftly according to market demand.

Luxury fashion upgraded

The coolest aspect of fashion tech is not just confined to the general fashion trends. In fact, the latest updates say that luxury fashion is about to get upgraded with new technologies in the near future. Brands like Chanel and Burberry have signed deals with fashion tech platform Farfetch to enhance their shopping experience, both in the store as well as online. While Chanel wants to augment their boutiques, Burberry aims to make digital shopping even better by integrating their technology with the operating system at Farfetch.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Dell and Nikki Reed have started harvesting gold from old laptops? They are turned into beautiful jewelry you can buy, starting from $88.

Tech is walking the runway

Until now, runway walks have been all about new collections and human models. But, technology seems to be overpowering this zone with

  1. Drones that carried handbags for Dolce & Gabbana
  2. Digital model Shudu who seems to have set the Instagram stage on fire
Shudu digital model

Shudu digital model

Latest wearables in fashion tech

With fashion tech wearables being in the limelight at the Winter Olympics 2018, it’s clear that the new face of wearables are finally here.

NBA Connected Jersey

This high-tech jersey lets you show off your love of the game with an added bonus: you can connect with your favorite players. A simple tap of your smartphone to the smart label lets you access the players’ pregame playlists, exclusive highlight reels, and access to products before anyone else.

The LEAF Fitness Tracker Jewelry

This beautiful piece of wearable tech is designed to help you learn about your body health by analyzing your daily routine. Even if you lack motivation in order to stay fit, LEAF will make sure you keep moving.

Ringly Go Connected Bracelet

Hidden inside the center gem is actually a smart module. Ringly Go tracks your activity throughout the day and even sends mobile alerts right to your wrist. It’s the stylish and modern alternative to a fitness tracker.

Ringly Go smart bracelet is fashionable

Ringly Go smart bracelet is fashionable

Levi’s x Google Jacquard Commuter Trucker Jacket

Featuring the iconic fashion of Levi’s, the jeans brand paired up with Google to give your tech a healthy dose of style. The built-in Google Jacquard module is located on the left forearm. It syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth to give you instant access. Meanwhile, the legendary jean jacket goes with everything in your closet.

With all that said, it’s important to highlight that fashion and tech will only take off if it can serve the wearer. Drones walking runway shows might sound new but, is it worth the expense? And does that put hardworking models out of work? If that much money was put towards something practical, like a smart fabric that always smells fresh, we imagine the fashion and tech merge will only grow.

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