Technology Will Save Us Kits Expand Your Child’s Future

Technology Will Save Us Kits Expand Your Child’s Future

Innovations in technology used to be all about the wow-factor. With the rise of personal computers, we developed continued needs for technology updates. In the last few years, advances in technology have been made to make our lives easier with helpful gadgets and useful devices. Now, Technology Will Save Us is at the final frontier: using technology to help us learn in order to excel. These wonderful kits:
– make learning fun
– are available for kids of all ages
– pack in a lot of practical education

The Technology Will Save Us kits may technically be toys but, rather than melting your kid’s brain with mindless content, provide a safe and effective way for kids to learn. With topics covering science, technology, and even coding, these developed skills will last a lifetime.

curious coder kit

The Curious Coder Pack

The Curious Coder Pack is a delightful kit for kids aged 10 and older. This pack includes the Start Arduino Kit for creating interactive physical objects with lights, buzzers, motors, and more. The Curious Coder Pack also includes the Gamer Kit where your child can learn to code real games. Covering such a large area and sprinkling in some fun, kids will learn so many skills without even realizing!

speaker kit

The Speaker Kit

Versatile and relying on a touch of imagination, the Speaker Kit lets kids turn household objects in fully functioning audio systems! Requiring a soldering iron (which you can purchase directly on their site), a 9V battery, and a couple of tools, this kit drives your kids to explore. By experimenting with materials, they must find the best ones to produce sound. They’ll learn all about resistors and capacitors while also building a portable speaker.

electro dough kit

The Electro Dough Kit

Arguably the most entertaining of the lot, the Electro Dough Kit safely teaches kids aged 4 and older about electricity. Using everyday kitchen items and four AA batteries, this fun and interactive kit comes with play dough, lights, switches, and buzzers. Your kids will learn about conductivity, electric components, and circuits as they bring their ideas to life.

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What We Love

Everything! As great as these are for children, let’s be honest: these kits are just as fun and entertaining for adults. *voraciously updates Christmas list*

What We’d Like to See in the Future

The only thing we can say: we want more! We can’t wait to see what innovation comes from this company next.


– Website: Technology Will Save Us
– Guaranteed Christmas Shipping: December 18th for EUR and US, December 20th for UK
– Price: From £20 ($25)

Which kit looks the most interesting to you?

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