The Coast Kayak Lets You Go Anywhere

The Coast Kayak Lets You Go Anywhere

Traditionally, when we want to kayak we need to be practical with where we want to go. Firstly, you have to have a vehicle that can hold the kayak and also the ability to load and unload it on your own. Next, you have to consider the drive time to your destination and make sure you have storage space wherever you end up staying. Lastly, you could always fly somewhere and rent a kayak, but that gets a bit pricey. You could do what my family does: only have your kayaks in a single place for storage and only use them in one location. Or, if you want total freedom, you could check out The Coast by Oru.

The Coast by Oru is an origami kayak designed to go wherever you desire. Whether you’re after the perfect sunset, a weekend-long trip, or some challenging water, the Coast simply folds into itself and can be taken anywhere. Oru had one mission when created their origami kayaks: make the outdoors more accessible.

Oru rough seas

This highly portable kayak isn’t the first by Oru although it’s the longest. Coming in at 16 feet (5 metres) and able to handle rough seas much more efficiently than a 12-foot kayak, the Coast certainly caught the eye of the public.Oru’s successful Kickstarter campaign got them $355k for their $40k goal.

The Coast folded up

The best part of the Coast is that it folds itself into a neat little package when not in use. It weighs just 31 pounds (the Plus version weighing 34) and can be unfolded in just 10 minutes. This means you can travel with it, walk with it, ride your bike with it, and still get the quality of a well-made kayak.

The Coast folded

Inspired by a traditional kayak, this expedition style kayak can handle whatever you throw its way. The Coast Plus extends the usability even further by having a folding hatch for your gear, ratchet buckles for easy assembly, and even thigh braces for control and comfort.

The Coast unfolding

The Coast and the Coast Plus are both made with two-layer polypropylene and can handle up to 400 pounds of you and your gear. When folded, the pack is just 32 inches long, 28 inches tall, and 15 inches wide – small enough to fit in any closet, trunk, and serve as your luggage on a flight.

The Coast carried

You can pick up your very own Coast for $1,975 (~£1,279) and the Coast Plus for $2,475 (~£1,600). There are also options to rent the Coast and Plus for $150/week.

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